“We’ve been in our “new” building now for 4 years and it is time to re-finance the loan that we have with Regents Bank.

Through the process we have been offered refinancing by 2 banks, plus Regents. The best offer was through Wells Fargo and it is very attractive.

While the other offer was very attractive, we have come to realize that our relationship with Regents is an important element of our business and the additional cost over the long term is well worth it.

I just wanted to let you know that we really appreciate and value our relationship with Regents and your employees who watch out for us. 

We look forward to a long relationship with Regents.”

Kay Adams, President
Tech Wear Inc.
Carlsbad, CA

“We want to thank you and Regents Bank for being there for us at the critical time when our former bank was seized by the FDIC terminating our line of credit. Effectively, The Loan Company of San Diego would have been severely handicapped but for your proactive anticipation of our banking needs and eagerly accommodating our request in establishing and maintaining our line of credit.

The Loan Company of San Diego values our relationship with Regents Bank and appreciates the personalized customer service we receive from you.

Also, we cannot say enough good things about how well we are treated by Regents Bank’s main office. From our numerous wire transfers to ACH deposits our banking needs are met with courtesy and professionalism. We are thankful to have a bank like yours to partner with as we face the daily challenges in growing our business.”

John Lloyd
The Loan Company

“I had all my loans and accounts with a large national bank. After several years of NO ONE being in their office when I needed them, I switched everything to Regents. Building loan, lines of credit, car loans, personal banking. Everything went to Regents and I am happy! These guys are great and if you are a businessman, seek them out.  Personal Bankers they are!”

-Leo H.
San Diego, CA

“At a time when the financial world has turned upside down, and my company, like so many others, is going through the most difficult times we have faced in over 30 years, I want you (Regents Bank) to know how much I appreciate the support, the understanding, flexibility, and frankly the friendship you have shown.  A big impersonal institution would have just pulled the plug. 

Regents Bank has stayed the course and worked with us in spite of all the pressures of business.  Regents Bank demonstrates the best of why companies like Regents Bank and mine will survive.  We work harder at it too, because we have a personal stake in the outcome and like, Regents Bank, we actually care about people.”  

Fred A.

“Regents Bank has been instrumental and essential to the growth of my companies. Regents has
believed in me and supported EA with complete loyalty and commitment, always strong and

Regents Bank, and their team of amazingly kind, bright, and experienced people, have been
critical to EA’s continued success, and are unsurpassed.”

Art Gruen, MD
CEO, EA Health Corp
CEO, EA TeleHealth
Chief, Emergency Services, Sharp Memorial Hospital

“Geogrid Retaining Wall Systems, Inc. has had a commercial banking relationship with Regents Bank since 2003. We value the personal attention and superior customer service often not found in the banking industry. Regents Bank understands our specific needs and procedures, which is of utmost importance, when working with a banking partner. The entire staff and banking team are efficient, courteous, and treat their customers in a highly professional manner.”

Suzanne Moss

“From the start of our relationship, the team at Regents Bank made it clear that they were a true partner in our operations. As a mid-sized nonprofit organization, compassion for those less fortunate is our business. Regents Bank has been at our side through one of the most challenging times in our history.

At a time when we could have been forced to close our doors due to the State budget impasse, Regents Bank became a true financial partner and helped North County Community Services (NCCS) achieve its daily mission. They believe in what we do and help us deliver services at a time when they are needed most.

Thank you Regents Bank for your commitment to NCCS and for your help in meeting needs in difficult times.”

Lupe Ortega-Board President
Stan Miller-Executive Director
North County Community Services

“For the last four years, my Regents banker has been the most pleasant, positive, and results-oriented professional I have ever worked with, regardless of the subject matter or problem.”

John Nistico
Omni Pacific
El Cajon, CA

“The staff at Regents Bank provided outstanding customer service by researching and providing timely answers to many questions for our firm concerning lines of credit, escrow accounts, researching loans, etc and was able to interface with our accounting firm as needed to be sure we are following current best practices.”

John Charles Vronay, P.E.
VRONAY Engineering Services
La Jolla, CA

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