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Let’s Go To The Dogs – With Regents Rovers

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The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.– Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

San Diego Humane Society’s Walk for Animals San Diego is nearly here, and our Regents Bank team is gearing up! On Saturday, May 7, our team of more than 20 Regents Bank employees and friends, along with our four legged friends (on a leash), will make the two-mile walk at Liberty Station.

San Diego Humane Society raised so much money last year that San Diego County became a no-kill county for the first time ever, and we’re motivated to keep it that way.

Our team has raised nearly 75 percent of our $5,000 goal. We’re still growing our team, so we’re inviting you to join us. You and your furry friend(s) will enjoy free giveaways and a great morning stroll…not to mention the wonderful feeling that comes from saving animals.

If you can’t walk, a small donation would help so many animals in such a big way. Donations provide food, medical care and a safe haven for thousands of animals in need. Your donation and/or participation will literally made the difference between life and death for San Diego animals.

This year, San Diego Humane Society will save the lives of more than 30,000 animals. 

  • More than 10,000 homeless animals will find new homes
  • The foster program will provide a second chance to 2,000 sick, injured, or underage animals
  • 16,000 animals will be examined in veterinary medical centers
  • Humane law enforcement officers will respond to nearly 10,000 calls of animals in need
  • Project Wildlife will care for nearly 12,000 injured or orphaned wildlife
  • San Diego Humane Society surgeons will perform more than 5,500 reduced cost spay/neuter operations on community-owned animals
  • The Humane Society’s 24-hour-kitten nursery will serve as a safe haven to nearly 1,800 newborn, orphaned kittens

Please join us. To walk, click herescreen-shot-2016-09-13-at-11-07-51-am and go to Join Team – we are the Regents Rovers. To make a donation, this linkscreen-shot-2016-09-13-at-11-07-51-am takes you to our team page.

NTC Park at Liberty Station
2455 Cushing Road
San Diego, CA 92106

Schedule of Events

  • 7:00 a.m. — Registration, Pancake Breakfast, Doggie Activities, Vendor Village
  • 8:30 a.m. — Blessing of the Animals
  • 8:45 a.m. — Warm-up
  • 9:00 a.m. — Walk begins
  • 9:30 a.m. — Doggie activities and Vendor Village continue until noon


  • $40 – Adults (ages 18+)
  • $20 – Children (ages 17 and under)
  • $10 – Cat Nappers (Individuals who are raising funds but not attending the Walk)

All registered participants will receive a commemorative Walk for Animals T-shirt! T-shirts for Cat Nappers will be mailed after the event.

Thank you in advance for all who participate and/or donate.


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3 Reasons Why Regents Bank is the Premier Business Bank in San Diego and Vancouver, WA

Regents Bank Builiding La Jolla

Regents Bank Building La Jolla

Regents Bank is the premier business bank in San Diego and Vancouver, WA. That is a core belief of our institution, our employees and our customers. Our customers have many choices of where to bank, just take a look at any corner and you’ll see a bank building. Why choose Regents? We believe there are three very good reasons to choose us as your business bank:

Our people. You’re building a business, we’re building a business. You’re an entrepreneur with a dream, so are we. Your office is based in the community and you’re raising your family here, so are we. When you talk with a Regents banker we are not going to start our relationship off by trying to get you to open a business checking account or sell you any other of our financial products or business services. Yes, we want you to use us as your financial lender or provider of business banking services, but not until we understand what your business goals are, your time frame, your risk tolerance…not until we get to know you. Our people aren’t looking to peddle a product; our people want to do what’s best for you and develop a long term partnership. We call it “Consultative Banking”, and it’s the cornerstone of what makes Regents Bank great.

Our customers. We keep our customers because we treat them with the same interest and respect as the day we met them. We’re in our 11th year and the vast majority of our initial clients are still happy, loyal Regents Bank clients. Sure, we’ve lost some along the way that left us because they could get a loan for quarter of a percent less, but not many. Why? Because business owners know that finding a bank that puts the customer first is a rarity. Regents Bank is that rare bank that always, and we mean always, puts the customer first. A good businessperson doesn’t begrudge a great provider of services a fair profit; that’s why we lose very few clients over a percentage point or some other miniscule product difference a competitor is offering in order to take away one of our clients. Our clients appreciate us, and they know we appreciate them by the attention to detail we provide and the time we’ve invested getting to know them.

Our vision. Regents Bank is a very successful, financially solid bank. But we’ve made two very important decisions in the past 120 days that will provide increased benefits for our clients. First, we were acquired by Grandpoint Capital. This alliance provides our business banking clients with greater access to capital for the purpose of growing their businesses. Grandpoint loved our business model and how Regents treated our customers. That’s why we retained our name. Grandpoint also acquired California Community Bank in San Diego and that merger is expected to be finalized in the 3rd quarter of 2012. The California Community Bank offices will be renamed as Regents Bank offices, which will in turn offer our customers even more options of locations when they need to visit a Regents Bank San Diego office.

These are three great reasons to do your business banking with Regents. When is the last time a banker sat face-to-face with you and really listened to what your business goals are? Can your banker tell you what your sales objectives are for 2012? Don’t you think they should know that? Your Regents banker will know because they’ll ask. Because they care. Call us today and find out why our customers don’t leave us and what makes us a true community bank. The more you know us the more you’ll see why we’re the best choice to be your business bank.

Regents Bank has offices in San Diego, La Jolla, Carlsbad and El Cajon, CA. We also are proud to have a branch office in the beautiful community of Vancouver, WA.


Regents Bank: Poised to Help Businesses Grow in 2012

Regents Bank San Diego Business Loan Application


As the last 10 days of 2011 are upon us, there’s a good chance you’re giving heavy thought to what your plans are for your business in 2012. Growth and expansion are very likely to be major objectives for your company. But as we know, sometimes an infusion of capital from an outside source is needed to fuel a company’s expansion.

Regents Bank, with offices throughout San Diego, would like nothing more than to help you grow your company.  We’re a bank with a vested interest in helping San Diego businesses grow. We started with a handful of experienced bankers with only a dream just over 10 years ago, and we’ve become one of San Diego’s most admired community banks since then. As fellow entrepreneurs, we know the challenges growing businesses face.  Our leadership team has been recognized for both their professional and community achievement. We live here, are raising our families here; and we want to help you achieve your business goals for your good and the good of the community. Your success is our success.

Many businesses are hesitant to reach out for financial assistance in light of the economy the past four years. Their loan applications have been declined by large banks and therefore they assume a smaller bank would be even less inclined to approve a commercial loan. This assumption is not based on fact. And actually, the opposite holds true: community banks are approving business loans at a much higher rate than the “large banks”.

According to a December 13, 2011 article in Banc Investment Daily, “Community banks continue to be the backbone of small business lending and jobs opportunity in this country. If you were beginning to doubt that, or thought the bigger banks would eat your entire lunch box and all the food within it, consider a new survey by Biz2credit. Analysis of 1,000 loan applications found approval rates for small business financing requests were 45.1% for community banks, while rates for banks with assets above $10B were only 9.2%. Yes, you read that right– community banks approved 5x more small business loans than large banks on average.”

As we’ve always been told, “You never know until you ask.” Contact a Regents Bank professional today. Let’s talk about your situation and see if we can help. We look for reasons to say “yes” to companies like yours that drive the economy of the San Diego community. We’re all in this together. Let’s make 2012 a great year of growth for your company and our community as a whole.

(Regents Bank has offices in downtown San Diego, Carlsbad, El Cajon, La Jolla and Vancouver, WA. Visit our website at


Community Banks are Community Businesses

In the County of San Diego there are many locally owned medium and large size businesses. These companies are spread throughout office parks and buildings. They may be larger in scope than the small shop owner, but they have at least one thing in common: a loyalty to their local community. Most of these businesses prefer to use other local companies as product and service suppliers because they prefer to support their local economy. They themselves may be larger companies, but they remember their roots; when they first opened their doors for business and how appreciative they were when other local businesses gave them a chance. Many long-term business relationships and friendships were established during these early days in the life of their companies.

Merriam-Websters definition of Community: “people with common interests living in a particular area.”

What are those common interests? A few of these are:

  • Good Schools
  • Efficient Government
  • Safety and Security of Body and Property
  • Success and Continuity of Local Businesses

Regents Bank is a community bank with local offices in San Diego County: La Jolla, San Diego, El Cajon, Carlsbad, as well as an office in Vancouver, WA. We’ve been successful because we do know our customers by name, and we do have continuity. We’ve been a trusted community bank for over 10 years, and many of our employees have been with us for the entire time. As a community bank we care about local businesses succeeding, and that has been the hallmark of Regents Bank.

As you make the rounds doing your holiday shopping over the next 10 days and are driving to the mall to shop at the national chain stores, notice all of the local businesses that you pass by that offer similar goods and services: jewelers, clothing stores, sporting goods stores, coffee shops, hardware stores, optometrists, banks….and the list goes on and on.  Remember when your business was small and how much you appreciated your new customers. Your business has now grown and is in a different league, but your support of these small businesses can make the difference in their survival and allow them to reach the level of success your business has achieved.

Support your local businesses. Their families, like yours, do their best each day to make a better living than the generation before them to provide greater opportunity for their families. Regents Bank community banking offices have the same business banking services to help you as the national banks do, but we offer something which they don’t:  a commitment to the community. We’re loyal and fully committed to the local businesses and people which we serve daily. Come visit us and take a look at the people of Regents. Our people make the difference.  We think you’ll want to be a member of our community of clients.

You can learn more about Regents Bank at


Home Ownership Considerations in Today’s Economy

Regents Bank Tom Ivory

Tom Ivory, Sr. Vice President, Regents Bank, El Cajon

Contributed by Tom Ivory
Sr. Vice President
Regents Bank, El Cajon, CA

Navigating through the turbulent seas of residential home ownership….a mighty challenge that thousands in San Diego County and Vancouver have faced over the past few years.

With what many consider empty promises from Washington, most homeowners behind on their mortgage payments have not received a government relief, or a “ bail out”.  They’ve had to navigate the choppy seas alone. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Help is available.

What are our options?  Personally, our family owns two homes, one of which no longer has enough equity to refinance the existing debt because of declining values and equity.  Both of my children are in their late 20’s and very much want to own their own home.  But how do they generate the funds (up to 20% of the purchase price) needed for the down payment?  What about their credit cards, the student loans and the car payments?

What options do they have? Is the great American dream of home ownership still a reality?

Without hesitation I would tell them to start with their banker and their bank.  With over 35 years as an officer at community banks I can’t think of a better resource.  Do we have all the answers?  No, but our broad experience covers all aspects of lending from residential homes to the complex financing needs of today’s business.  We have the experience and knowledge to answer most questions.  Just as important, we have the resources and vast network of relationships and contacts needed to get meaningful answers to any questions which might be beyond our scope.

There are many exciting opportunities in real estate in San Diego and Vancouver. San Diego has arguably the best weather/climate in the country, Vancouver is one of the finest cities to raise a family in the U.S.  The declining values for homes means that in many instances homes are selling well below their replacement cost.  Interest rates are the lowest many of us have seen during our lifetime.

But there are the potentially negative considerations we must face: environmental concerns, a local government which embraces lower density for housing, the topography of property available for development and its related cost which impacts its economic feasibility. Something to also consider is that a monthly mortgage payment at today’s interest rates may well be lower than the rent paid for a comparable property.  Of course there are property taxes and increased insurance costs, but with the interest on the home loan and property taxes being deductible you may be well ahead in net costs if you itemize these expenses on your taxes.

The downside is that there always exists a relationship between risk and reward, which, for the most part. As the old adage says,“The greater the risk, the greater the reward.”

Some other possible risks are government intervention in the form of possible changes in the tax law, the elimination of deductions for home interest, rising property taxes, regulatory intervention limiting banks participation in real estate lending or a change in underwriting standards of real estate loans, such as debt to worth ratios, debt to income ratios and a standardized formula for personal living expenses.  Add to the above, larger down payment requirements and a very through verification of every source of income and expense. And, of course, real estate values may continue to decline after you’ve purchased your home.

There will always be reasons not to buy because there will always be risk.  However, with risk, comes the opportunity for reward.  We’ve all heard the mantra of “the three most important aspects of real estate being location, location, location.”  I believe that looking back at the price of residential property over the last decade we can make a strong argument that “timing” is just as meaningful as location.  If owning your home is important to you then discuss it with your banker.  With interest rates and property values having dropped as far as they have, this may well be the right time for you.


Successful Business Succession Planning: Part I

Business Continuity Planning by Regents Bank

Succession Planning and the development of a comprehensive and effective business succession plan for a business can be a complex process. There are many important decisions to make that will have long term effects on ownership, employees and, at times, family members. Having trusted advisors assisting with this planning often times makes the difference between a smooth transition or one filled with obstacles.

Among the many decisions that must be made are:

  • Will the current owner(s) retain any equity position?
  • Will there be an agreed upon time period for current ownership to remain on board and assist with the transition for the new ownership or management team?
  • Where will the funding come from for a buyout? (Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP), previously funded Buy/Sell Agreement, Owner financing, third party financing etc.)?
  • If there are several interested parties in taking ownership, which will be the best fit and offer the greatest chance of successful continuation of the business?
  • Which advisors will be called upon to help make unbiased decisions that current ownership sometimes find difficult to make?
  • In the event a family business is being passed on, do family members expressing an interest in taking over the business have the business acumen and skills to successfully manage the company?

In addition to the myriad of decisions that need to be made, business succession planning also may carry with it obstacles that complicate the process, such as:

  • Transitioning to new ownership without adversely affecting the day-to-day operations of the company.
  • Ensuring the company has the necessary working capital to continue operations, while at the same time assuring that current ownership will have sufficient funds to sustain retirement throughout their life expectancy.
  • Having sufficient liquidity for payment of transfer taxes.
  • Dealing with the concerns of employees that are experiencing insecurity over the unknown effects of a change of ownership.
  • Maintaining the existing client base through the reassurance and communication that they will be receiving the same high quality levels of products and service under the new ownership.

Ownership of a business is not only the numbers on a balance sheet, there is most often an emotional connection between owner and business. Years of hard work growing the company, personal relationships built with employees, clients and suppliers can take an emotional toll as succession is executed. This is why objective, third party advisors can help ensure that the business succession plan is well thought out and free from personal biases.

The Regents Bank team of experienced business bankers has assisted many companies in successfully designing and executing a well thought out succession plan that will benefit all parties. With offices in San Diego, La Jolla, Carlsbad, El Cajon and Vancouver, WA a Regents banker will meet with you to talk about how you can “pass the torch” successfully. We look forward to assisting.


Regents Bank Business Checking Accounts

At Regents Bank we offer our clients choices when it comes to Business Checking Accounts. Every business has it’s own unique set of circumstances and that’s why at Regents the type of account we recommend is based on factors such as amount of transactions monthly and qualification to earn interest on the account.

Standard benefits on our business checking accounts include:

  • Check Imaging
  • Electronic Statements
  • Combined Statements
  • No Monthly Maintenance Fee For Telephone Banking
  • No Monthly Maintenance Fee For Basic Online Banking

Regents Bank’s objective is to develop long-term mutually profitable relationships.  The account activity in your business checking account will be reviewed periodically.   We will recommend a “target account balance”, which may be adjusted from time to time, to reflect changes in account activity, service costs, interest rates and earnings credits.

The target account balance we recommend will be designed to enable you to enjoy “free” banking services (i.e no direct charges if you keep adequate balances in your checking account), a competitive borrowing rate, and in the end we hope it will provide the bank with a reasonably profitable depository relationship so that you will always retain your VIP status as an important and high priority account.

In the event you are unable to maintain the target balance we recommend to offset the cost of the bank services you require, you will be charged a modest account analysis fee for the banking services you utilize. The actual cost of the services will be subsidized (offset) by the earnings credit we provide to you on whatever level of balances you are able to maintain for that month.

Regents Bank is also prepared to “pro-actively” assist your staff with cash management recommendations to assure that your company’s excess “surplus funds” are invested on a timely and profitable basis into an interest bearing type of account.

Many times the opening of a business checking account leads to a much deeper relationship between client and banker, and at Regents Bank relationships come first. Talk to one of our experienced bankers and let’s get to know each other. You’ll find as successful entrepreneurs that we speak your language and can offer you so much more than a checking account.

We’re conveniently located in:

  • San Diego
  • La Jolla
  • Carlsbad
  • El Cajon
  • Vancouver, WA

We also welcome the opportunity to visit with you at your offices. Visit for details on all of our business checking accounts. We look forward to getting to know you and partnering with you as you continue to grow your business.