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Stephen Friedman Named Regents Bank Regional President in San Diego County

Stephen Friedman headshot NEWIt’s official! Longtime San Diego banker and business executive Stephen Friedman has been promoted to Regional President in San Diego County. Stephen will oversee operations at our four San Diego offices, which include locations in downtown, La Jolla, Escondido and Vista. Stephen, who has been with Regents Bank since 2009, will continue to work from the La Jolla office.

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to lead the charge for Regents Bank in San Diego going forward,” says Stephen. “Having been part of the leadership team here for many years, Regents Bank’s brand of what we call consultative banking is in my DNA. We have a seasoned team that is focused on providing customized banking solutions crafted to meet each client’s unique circumstances, but we don’t stop there. We seek to understand our client’s short- and long-term goals so that we can direct them to relevant resources to help them. My primary objective is to provide the leadership and support our team needs to execute on our mission of serving our clients at the highest level every day.”

As the former CFO of Bruegger’s Bagels – the national bagel chain, the former CFO of the Westwind Group – a large Burger King franchisee, and the former owner of a local commercial bakery, Stephen thinks entrepreneurially.

“Stephen combines his 20 years of banking experience with his past business experience to provide a unique level of business understanding not normally found in a banker,” said Rocky Laverty, President of Grandpoint Bank. “He has demonstrated leadership and success in consistently growing Regents Bank, primarily due to his ability to deliver valuable services and advice to Regents’ clients.”

Stephen is a resident of Carmel Valley and has been an active member of ProVisors, the Association for Corporate Growth of San Diego, the Rancho Bernardo Professional Group, Renaissance Executive Forums, the Business Executives Council and Chairman’s Roundtable. He earned a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Vermont, followed by a master’s degree in business administration from Boston College and a graduate banking degree from University of Colorado at Boulder.



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Regents Bank CEO Dan Yates Discusses Their Consultative Banking Approach in San Diego Union Tribune Article

Regents Bank CEO Dan Yates

Regents Bank CEO Dan Yates

On Sunday, December 16, 2012, the San Diego Union Tribune features a discussion with Regents Bank CEO Dan Yates. In this very informative article Dan discusses the state of the banking industry, as well as strategic moves that Regents has made in 2012. He also explains how Regents Bank has prospered and grown during a very difficult time for most banks by using a “consultative banking approach” which entails getting to know their clients personally, not just their financial statements. This alliance created between the client and their personal banker, or Relationship Manager”, is why so many of the bank’s clients refer other businesses to Regents Bank and why Regents continues to flourish while many other banks continue to struggle. Read the interview with Dan in the Union Tribune Article, “REGENTS CEO FOCUSES ON BUSINESS STRATEGY”.screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-11-07-51-am


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Process, People and Products: A Formula for Success for Regents Bank Clients

What makes Regents Bank unique? Why are so many businesses making the change to Regents? Why do our clients stay with us even while being regularly approached with offers from so many other banks?

This question is best answered by watching the video testimonials throughout our blog. One of the common themes is that we use a process we call “Consultative Banking.” Regents Bank was founded over ten years ago by a group of successful entrepreneurs that knew what it took to build a successful business. Their mission was to create a bank that would allow them to work with other entrepreneurs and help them succeed. They created and utilize a process that is called “Consultative Banking” (which is used by every Regents Relationship Manager). Translation: converse and listen to understand what is most important to the business owner at that time, and only after these conversations have been had, and only if needed, will any financial products be recommended.

This process has served our clients very well for over a decade, but it’s the people at Regents that make the difference. Yes, they are skilled, intelligent and very well trained in our methodology of working with clients and the advanced technology we provide our clients to make banking transactions simple and efficient. But there are certainly other banks that have skilled and trained employees as well. What separates us from them is the dedication and desire our people have to genuinely get to know our clients. It’s not uncommon for a client to say, “When I call Regents on the phone the person that answers knows it’s me by my voice and takes a personal interest in making sure my needs are met accurately and efficiently. They care.”

We listen to learn and understand, we have great people that care about our clients’ success and we have a complete portfolio of products we offer when it fits into the context of moving our client towards achieving the success and goals they work so hard to attain. From mobile banking, remote deposit capture, credit card services, commercial loans and so much more…our portfolio is progressive and offers the latest technology available, saving our client’s valuable time.

Don’t just take our word for it. Watch some of the videos of our business clients talking candidly about how our Consultative Banking approach helped them, and visit our Testimonial Page on our website to learn more about our process. If you’re not already a Regents client, call one of our conveniently located branch offices and speak with one of our Relationship Managers. We look forward to learning more about you, your business and your objectives.

We look forward to getting to know  you. And you can get to know us better by visiting our website at


Consultative Banking: Not New to Regents Bank Clients But More Business Owners Requiring It

Consultative Banking has been the cornerstone of the Regents Bank approach to helping businesses grow for almost eleven years. It’s something that our clients have come to rely on and it’s why they, and their other financial advisors, regularly refer other business owners to us. Being a “community bank” allows us the ability to give each client the personal touch and the time needed to understand their companies current situation and goals, and then provide assistance with sound business advice mixed with our complement of financial products if warranted.

Greenwich Associates, a financial services market research firm, printed in a recent article titled “Businesses Seek The Human Touch From Their Banks” that “From late 2009 to July 2011, companies began putting more stock in the “human touch.” Over that period, the share of small businesses citing the Internet platform as the single most important point of interaction with their bank declined to 18% from 24% and the share of mid-sized companies naming the Internet as their most important banking channel dropped to 21% from 25%. Meanwhile, the share of small businesses naming their relationship manager as their most important point of contact jumped to 53% from 48%; among midsized companies that share increased to 71% in July 2011 from 60% in December 2009.” And these trends have continued.

The article also discusses the fact that many business owners are still perplexed by the economy. They want to know how to best manage company finances during this period of slow growth. And they want that feedback from their banking relationship manager, not a product salesperson.

Regents Bank CEO Dan Yates describes our philosophy and it’s benefits to our clients in a blog post he wrote titled “Above and Beyond”. In that post you’ll see that we also provide our clients with introductions to other businesses and advisors that perfectly complement what Regents does, and sometimes doesn’t do, for our clients. We have found over the years that a team approach works very well with many of our clients because of the different backgrounds and experience different advisors bring to the table.

Regents Bank prides itself on having a select team of professional “Relationship Managers” to help our business clients make informed financial decisions. To learn more about our consultative approach visit the Regents Bank website. We’ll meet with you; no sales pressure or obligation on your part will be part of that meeting. You’ll know if we can help, and if you decide to bring us aboard we will be more than a banker, we’ll become a trusted advisor and partner. That’s the Regents Bank method of professional banking.


Sometimes It’s The Little Things That Make The Biggest Difference

As business owners and managers we tend to look for the complex solution to the day-to-day challenges we face. Sometimes the simple solution is all we need; sometimes it just takes someone to lead us in the right direction.

At Regents Bank we continually talk about our consultative approach to banking and that developing personal relationships with our clients is our goal. One of our advisers recently shared with our CEO Dan Yates how an easy solution delivered by the adviser helped a client solve a critical problem for his business. Here is the note that adviser sent to Mr. Yates:


It is the little things that you do as a leader that sometimes have the most impact.  A while back you recommended we read “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh. I did.  Then, you accompanied me on the prospect call to (a local company) and we met with David C.  I had breakfast with him the following week and we continued to develop our relationship.  We learned that our corporate cultures of helping others were congruent and I’m pleased to say that David is now a happy Regents Bank client.

David chose Regents because in our early meetings, as we got to know each other, he shared that his primary business challenge was employee turnover for a certain job class in his company. I asked him if he had developed a “culture” yet.  He said he had thought of it but needed to apply more effort. I bought him “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh. He read that, followed it up with two other culture books that Tony Hsieh recommends, then he took the “culture” issue to his Vistagescreen-shot-2016-09-13-at-11-07-51-am group and they helped him process it and create a value statement that would have a real and lasting impact for his company.

At our meeting today he was so proud of their new company value statement that he had it printed and ready for me to see.  He was also very proud to share it at the all-employee meeting they had held the day before to launch their new company values.  He now uses the new culture/value strategy when hiring and when working out company problems.  He literally said he owed it all to me and Regents Bank. Is that consultative banking or what!!  This issue has NOTHING to do with bank products and services! I’m proud to be with Regents Bank and developing long-term relationships with my clients and that I can truly help them build their businesses and their dreams.

Regents Bank San Diego Banker

For more information on Regents Bank Consultative Banking visit


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Consultative Banking to Evaluate Using Lines of Credit Lends Itself To Better Business Decisions

“Fast money makes fast friends.” A rather old cliche but one that still has a ring of truth about it.

Many businesses feel that the worst of the economic storm has passed. That is still yet to be determined. But this returning sense of security is leading many businesses to ask their bank for new or increased lines of credit for many reasons, ranging from adding additional inventory to improving their facilities. The reasons vary, but after having had to “tighten their belts” for 4-5 years many companies are feeling the need to start spending again. This is good for the economy in general, but increasing spending via a line of credit (borrowed money) may or may not be in your best interest right now.

Many banks sole criteria for determining if a business or its management qualifies for a line of credit is strictly by credit score. There are very few businesses with a lengthy history of extending credit to their own customers that won’t tell you that this is a very narrow, and often times very risky, means of determining if a company truly has the means to repay money borrowed from an extended line of credit. There can be many mitigating factors that undermine companies with impeccable credit scores from making timely payments on secured or unsecured loans.

At Regents Bank we take a different approach to extending lines of credit to our clients or those companies that approach us pledging to become clients if credit is extended. Certainly we look at credit scores, financial documentation and cash flow projections to determine if a line of credit is a safe investment for the bank. But what separates Regents from most other banks is the time we take to really understand what a business is trying to accomplish with the additional funding and how it fits into their overall business plan. We call it “Consultative Banking” and it plays a large part of what makes Regents Bank a partner, not just a lender.

A line of credit may be just what your company needs right now. Or perhaps there is a better, more cost effective means for you to accomplish your goal without using additional credit or borrowed funds. There’s only one way to tell; talk with an experienced Regents banker that will provide you with alternatives based strictly on your situation.  At Regents Bank we are in the business of helping companies grow and prosper, and that can often times be accomplished via means other than lines of credit or borrowed funds.

We have branches conveniently located near you in La Jolla, San Diego, Carlsbad and El Cajon, CA, as well as a branch office in Vancouver, WA. You can learn more about Regents Bank and how we do business at Before you sign on the dotted line and borrow money from a bank that is eager to give without understanding what your situation is, take the time to consult with Regents Bank. You’ll find a team of highly qualified bankers that will take the time to recommend what’s in your best interests, not ours.


Kennedy and Souza Appreciate Regents Bank Efforts

Kennedy and Souza is a prestigious San Diego law firm with partners totaling over 75 years of legal experience. Partner Kevin Kennedy sat recently and discussed both his firm and how Regents Bank has benefited them over the years.

Visit with a Regents banker and discover how you and your company can benefit from the Regents Bank “Consultative Banking” approach. We’re more that just a bank, we’re people that are committed to your success.


5 Questions with Regents Bank Vancouver Vice President Tami Nesburg


Regents Bank Vancouver Tami Nesburg

Tami Nesburg, Regents Bank, Sr. Vice President and Regional Manager

1.)    Tell us about your professional banking background?

I started my banking career on February 2, 1982 on a Tuesday. I had the privilege of working for Tom Young and his family-owned banking business for 20 years at Northwest National Bank. We then sold Northwest National to Centennial Bank, which was later acquired by Umpqua Bank. Tom Young, Lisa Johns (my Operations Manager and long time partner) and I started the Vancouver office of Regents Bank as an LPO (Loan Production Office) on December 14, 2003. We converted to a full service Bank in 2005 and have never looked back

2.)    Why did you decide to join Regents Bank?

At Regents Bank, it’s not just a job- it’s an adventure. It is a pleasure coming to work every day surrounded by an amazingly talented group of professionals. Our team works very hard but we have fun every day.

3.) What makes Regents’ Vancouver office unique in the Vancouver banking community?

The Vancouver team has served the banking needs of Southwest Washington and the surrounding areas for decades. We have created a stable team of experienced banking professionals that assist local businesses and the individuals who run those businesses.

Our Vancouver business banking team has been built by doing things differently—we do things that are difficult to imitate. That does not always mean these “things” are difficult to build or execute, but our style is difficult to imitate. From the furnishings, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies on Fridays, client appreciation days, and priding ourselves on using every client’s name as they enter our office, we strive daily to ensure that our clients enjoy an experience when they walk into our office. We have not had any turnover in the Vancouver office, which means our clients can rely on working with the same seasoned staff every day.

Our consultative banking approach has proven to be a successful formula, allowing the office to experience continued growth while many banks struggle with the current economic conditions. We are a vision-focused office, and our knowledgeable and attentive staff focuses on long term growth opportunities with our clients and their businesses, rather than focusing on products. Our continued focus on multi-generational companies and their succession planning has proven to be a rewarding part of our business.

Our group of professionals brings expertise in specific areas. Some of our specific areas of expertise include the Medical and Dental communities, Assisted Living Facilities, Attorney Firms, Country Clubs, Financial Services, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Electrical Contractors, Green Energy, Multi-Family Owner-Operators and Property Management companies, as well as high net worth individuals.

4.) How, in your opinion, is the Vancouver economy doing presently and what changes, if any, do you foresee for the rest of 2012? 2013?

Growth in the Southwest Washington region is happening at a very slow pace.  Unemployment in this area remains higher than the national average, about 2.5 % above the rest of the United States. In this micro economy of Vancouver WA, we are seeing some changes, but continue to lag behind the rest of the United States and also the Portland metro area. The Vancouver economy is slowly rebounding, and we are cautiously optimistic for the rest of 2012 and 2013.

Because of the relocation of Peace Health and Fisher Investments, East Clark County construction in both residential and commercial sectors seems to be catching traction.  There is concern, however, with the lack of public construction jobs being funded in the next two years. The Vancouver economy suffers from being overly-reliant on construction trades that have been in a deep recession since 2006.

With the residential housing market bottoming and even showing signs of a slow recovery, Vancouver’s economy and the Portland Market in general should improve, given its leverage to improving numbers of housing starts. We are also seeing positive absorption of rental housing and commercial space which will translate into more construction activity.  The recovery promises to be slow, but the worst is behind us.

5.) Tell us something about yourself that we don’t know?

I won a sales contest as a Columbian newspaper carrier. I was 13 years old, had one of the largest paper routes, and was the only young woman at the time that had a paper route. I won a trip to the World’s Fair, $150.00 in silver dollars, and a new bike—-I was in heaven! I realized at a young age that “The harder I worked the luckier I became.” That work ethic and approach continues to be my driving force. Surround yourself with smart people who share a similar vision and anything is possible.


Regents Bank: Vancouver, WA Branch

Regents Bank, Vancouver, WA

Regents Bank, Vancouver WA

Established in 2003, the Vancouver, WA branch office of Regents Bank has become a vibrant member of the community. Comprised of an extremely talented team of experience bankers, Regents provides its clients with the very best in business banking services, such as business checking accounts, commercial loans and lines of credit, real estate loans, online banking, and credit card services.

But just as important, our bankers provide you with an intangible that is very hard to come by, entrepreneurial experience. The average Regents banker has more than 25 years of  banking experience and is highly qualified to offer consultative banking services to our clients. We’ve been through very prosperous economic conditions, and we’ve survived, and even thrived, in challenging economies like we’re currently experiencing.

We’re located at 2001 SE Columbia River Drive, Suite 101 in Vancouver. Feel free to visit us or call us at 360-693-0786. Tami Nesburg, Sr. Vice President and Vancouver Branch Manager, as well as the entire Vancouver team will be happy to meet with you and talk specifically about your business and what Regents Bank can do for you.