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A spotlight on one of our longest client relationships: Coffman Specialties, Inc.


Coffman Specialties, Inc. (CSI) started with one woman’s entrepreneurial vision. Today, the construction company specializes in large public and governmental projects that are improving and expanding transportation infrastructure across the United States. CSI is headquartered in San Diego, California and operates offices in Phoenix, Arizona.

CSI was founded in 1991 by President Colleen Coffman. She works together with her husband Jim, who directs the activities of all CSI projects. Since its inception, CSI has completed nearly 100 major highway, airfield, bridge, railway and waterway projects. CSI specializes in cement treated pavements, mass excavation, structural concrete of all types, bridges and other complex infrastructure. Notable projects include the major runway renovation at LAX Airport, the completion of a 3.5-mile HOV addition to the 805 freeway in San Diego, and the repaving of the All American Canal — the largest irrigation canal in the world — in Imperial, California.

Regents Bank Relationship Manager Darla Clark has banked CSI since 1997. Colleen and Jim followed Darla when she joined Regents Bank as a founding team member in 2002. At that time, Darla and the Regents Bank team provided an operating line of credit that helped support CSI’s early growth. Since then, CSI’s expansion has been guided by the Coffmans’ entrepreneurial spirit, as they have vertically integrated their business by acquiring transportation and materials companies. This has enabled CSI to control costs when bidding for projects — a strategy that has driven the company’s substantial growth. During this time, Regents Bank has been on hand to provide CSI’s equipment and real estate financing for both personal and business investment — including the company headquarters building in San Diego.

“Over the past 20 years, I have been privileged to work with CSI and assist with its extraordinary growth,” says Darla. “CSI is a high-integrity company. They do exactly what they say they will do. I appreciate Colleen and Jim for this and also that they are very loyal to their employees and to their banker.”

The Regents Bank team has also assisted the Coffmans with financing assets that they will be able to use in their retirement. This comprehensive partnership between Regents Bank and the Coffmans effectively supports the Coffmans’ financial needs, both business and personal.

Today, CSI is one of Regents Bank’s largest banking relationships. As the company’s business continues to grow, Regents Bank can draw upon its substantial lending capacity, as part of Grandpoint Bank, to help them achieve their goals. Darla also brings a unique understanding of the construction industry to the relationship, which many banks do not have. Darla’s experience has given her the insight to cultivate and manage contractor relationships in a way that is beneficial for both clients and the bank.

As a thriving industry leader, CSI has many choices when it comes to banking. Colleen and Jim Coffman appreciate the longevity of the relationship they have with Regents Bank, particularly the way in which Darla and the team remained committed to CSI while all contractors were experiencing challenges during the last recession. In doing so, Regents Bank helped CSI create a foundation for future growth and prosperity. They choose to bank with Darla and the Regents Bank team because they value the ability to work with bankers who can get them what they need, while understanding the complexity of their business.