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Runoff Rockstars Nielsen Beaumont Marine Featured in Port Tenants Association Video

When San Diego Port Tenants Association Chairman Ken Franke and San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce CEO Jerry Sanders decided to create a video tour of San Diego Bay, they included a visit to our client Nielsen Beaumont Marine’s boatyard. Located on Shelter Island in the America’s Cup Harbor, Nielsen Beaumont Marine, owned by Tom Nielsen and Don Beaumont, provides boat and yacht repair, maintenance and restoration.

Tom and Don have built the business since 1988, and many of their employees have been with the company for 15 or even 20 years. Overtime, they transitioned the business from focusing on yachts to also servicing small Navy vessels. Nielsen Beaumont has been praised by clients near and far for its attention to detail and high-quality work. Several years ago, a remodel of the boatyard Tom and Don opted to undertake earned Nielsen Beaumont Marine a Runoff Rockstar award from San Diego Coast Keeper’s for its storm water waste system.


“Nielsen Beaumont has done a lot to become one of many port tenant environmental stewards of the Bay, which is just one example of how they’re always going above and beyond,” said Stephen Friedman, Regional President at Regents Bank.

Regents Bank works with many Port businesses and knows what waterfront businesses need to work well. In addition to boat yards, Regents has worked with sport fishing companies, military and yacht shipyards, marinas and more. Since ports are usually controlled by a public entity – the Port of San Diego, in this case – port tenants operate on ground leases. Such businesses are also subject to environmental regulations unique to waterfront properties. Regents understands the special circumstances under which these tenants operate and can leverage the knowledge base and resources at Regents Bank to provide the flexibility these tenants often need.

We are so happy to see Nielsen Beaumont featured in the San Diego Port Tenants Association’s video. We encourage you to watch the video, which will let you virtually zoom around the Bay and get to know more about Tom and Don!