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Industry Specialty Spotlight: Banking for Hotels

Part of our ongoing series about how specialty banking can help you and your business

With 25 years of experience working with hotel clients, Regents Bank Senior Vice President Jon Michael Caffall’s assistance to hotel executives extends well beyond those of traditional banking services.

With a focus on San Diego and greater Southern California, Jon Michael understands that these areas are undersupplied in hotel rooms and that San Diego’s large infrastructure projects like those planned for Lindberg Field and the cross-border airport bridge will increase the demand for rooms – even in the construction phases when workers come from out of town.

“San Diego will likely see occupancy rates between 81 and 85 percent this summer, up from 77 to 78 percent last year,” he said. “Even in a robust tourism market like San Diego, hotel owners looking to acquire, refinance or build hotel projects understand how occupancy rates must be combined with average daily rates and rate efficiency in the loan application process…before they apply for the loan.”

Jon Michael expects an uptick in hotel sales and projects in San Diego due to its continued strength as a tourism market, the rising economy, the dwindling supply of developable land and the aforementioned large infrastructure projects slated.

“Despite this rosy picture, it’s still crucial that a banker really understands this industry and the client,” says Jon Michael. “If you’re that client, make sure you’re working with someone who does; look for an advisor, not just a money source.”


Jon Michael Caffall, Regional Manager

Jon Michael Caffall is a Senior Vice President and Regional Manager with Regents Bank, a division of Grandpoint Bank.  He oversees the North County region for Regents Bank, including offices in Vista and Escondido. Jon Michael can be reached at 760-542-4215 or 760-888-1126.