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Pacific Premier Bancorp, Inc. Acquires Grandpoint

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We are pleased to announce on July 1, 2018, Regents Bank, a division of Grandpoint Bank, officially became part of Pacific Premier Bank. President and CEO, Steve Garner, commented, “We are pleased to welcome the clients, employees and stockholders of Grandpoint. We believe our strategic combination creates one of the strongest commercial banks in California, with significant opportunities to provide a wider array of products and services to our clients while continuing to expand our market share.” Learn more at





Regents Bancshares Acquired By Grandpoint Capital

Yesterday Regents Bancshares, the parent company of Regents Bank, announced that it had entered into an agreement to be acquired by Grandpoint Capital. This is the formation of a very well thought out and well planned partnership that will benefit both financial institutions, as well as our clients, employees and shareholders. The entire press release may be found at

The partnership between Grandpoint Capital and Regents Bank will continue our complete dedication to the success of our commercial client base, as well as provide increased security to our valued employees. There are many similarities between Grandpoint and Regents. Both organizations have been built on fulfilling a commitment to help businesses grow.

Regents Bank’s philosophy very closely mirrors that of Grandpoint. On its corporate website,, it states, “Consultative Banking – A Sounding Board for Your Business. We believe a bank should be more than just a home for your loans and deposits. It should be a resource for your financial success and you should have access to bankers that are able to serve you as respected financial advisors…” This shared vision of Grandpoint and Regents will help facilitate a seamless transition and will strengthen the commitment to our corporate client base.

Grandpoint was formed by a team of experienced banking executives who recognized the need and opportunity to bring fresh capital and client-focused financial services to the business community. Grandpoint focuses on the financial requirements of businesses and their owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, high-net-worth individuals, and financial institutions. Grandpoint Capital, Inc. is headquartered in downtown Los Angeles, CA.

Regents Bank was formed in much the same manner. A core group of experienced and respected bankers created Regents Bank and developed its mission and philosophy which they call “Entrepreneurial Banking”. Its foundation is that Regents is comprised of experienced bankers that also share the same entrepreneurial spirit as their business clients, and share their excitement and passion to grow their business. Like Grandpoint, Regents bankers are totally comfortable rolling up their sleeves while sitting with a client and helping them fulfill their vision or overcome an obstacle.

Besides the common vision and total client commitment, the partnership with Grandpoint also solidifies Regents’ financial position, which in turn provides a more stable environment for its client base. Regents President and CEO Dan Yates states, “The Bank’s new holding company has significantly more access to capital, which allows Regents Bank to support larger loan accommodations for our clients as they grow their businesses.” In addition, Regents Bank will be able to redeem its existing obligation to the U.S. Treasury, which will further increase the amount of capital available for clients.

Mr. Yates added, “This merger makes us an even stronger company……. and further sets us apart as the leader amongst San Diego area community banks.” Regents Bank will celebrate its 10th anniversary next month, and, while very proud of the history and tradition it’s created, Regents looks to the future with great anticipation as it moves forward with all that Grandpoint has to offer. Grandpoint Chairman and CEO Don Griffith stated, “In the ten years since Regents was formed it has become an integral part of San Diego County, with a reputation for highly personalized service and a keen understanding of the local market.” Two very strong financial institutions with great leadership teams and a commitment to helping businesses succeed will greatly benefit both the San Diego business community and the San Diego economy.