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Tami Nesburg Joins Lewis & Clark College Center for Entrepreneurship Advisory Board

Tami Nesburg Regents Bank Executive V.P.

Tami Nesburg, who leads our Vancouver, Washington office, has joined the board of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Lewis & Clark College. She will help the Center further its mission of “igniting liberal arts education with entrepreneurial spirit.”

With more than 30 years of banking experience in Clark County, Tami, who now serves as regional manager and executive vice president, launched Regents Bank’s Vancouver office as a start-up banking operation in 2003. She brings that experience and entrepreneurial mindset to her client relationships, helping small to mid-sized businesses overcome challenges and grow their companies.

In addition to the Center for Entrepreneurship advisory board, Tami serves as treasurer and an executive board member for Identity Clark County; as past-president of Vancouver Public Facilities District Board; and as treasurer for Gifts for Our Community, serving low- to moderate-income families through grants in the community. She is also a former Royal Oaks Country Club finance committee member and served as its chairwoman in 2004.

“I’m really looking forward to working with the great team of professionals at Lewis & Clark,” said Tami. “I’m especially enthusiastic about the effort afoot to create an even stronger entrepreneurship curriculum and culture at the school.”

The Center for Entrepreneurship’s programming is designed to add experiential opportunities to the college experience. Programming is open to all Lewis & Clark students, regardless of whether they are enrolled in an entrepreneurship class. The Center leverages its location in a world-class, progressive and collaborative city to bring leaders onto campus to discuss their industry, trends and opportunities. Programming includes Lunch with a Leader, Winterim and workshops.

“With Tami’s banking knowledge and experience in the Northwest market, she will be an important partner in the Center’s efforts to foster both the academic and practical side of entrepreneurship and business creativity,” said Bruce Willison, Grandpoint Bank board member, Life Trustee of Lewis & Clark College and former CEO of First Interstate Bank of Oregon.

Way to go, Tami!



Our Regional President, Stephen Friedman, Profiled by San Diego Business Journal

Stephen Friedman headshot NEWRecently, San Diego Business Journal ran a story profiling our regional president, Stephen Friedman. If you have a subscription to the publication, you can access the article in the September 1, 2017 issue.

Stephen spoke about Regents Bank’s philosophy of creating value at a deeper level for our clients and about how his personal experience as a C-suite executive at food companies provided valuable insight that he leverages in his banking career.

While many of our readers know Stephen as our regional president and before that as executive vice president and regional manager of our La Jolla office, he has also been an entrepreneur and a corporate CFO.

Stephen’s banking career included a hiatus, during which time he took on roles in C-suite management of some food companies and even owned a bakery business. Those experiences gave him the feet-on-the-ground knowledge he relies on to understand the business challenges and opportunities our clients face.

In his role now as regional president, he manages operations at all four of our San Diego offices in La Jolla, downtown, Vista and Escondido. We are fortunate to have Stephen and others like him on our staff — banking professionals who understand all stages of business growth and capital raising and apply that knowledge to help our clients.

If you’d like to learn more about Stephen and Regents Bank’s philosophy, we encourage you to read the great San Diego Business Journal profile story by reporter Sarah DeCrescenzo … or to connect with Stephen in person.



Hanaa Zahran: An Influential Woman


Congratulations to Hanaa Zahran, Senior Vice President in our La Jolla office, for being chosen as one of The Daily Transcript’s 2017 Influential Women in San Diego!

One quality that distinguishes Hanaa is her determination. Born in Egypt, she took on many challenges and learned to thrive in the U.S. Today, she is an important role model for women in finance, immigrants to our country and those motivated to contribute to the civic vitality of our community.

Hanaa serves on the annual conference committee for the Treasury Management Association of San Diego, she’s an active member of Business Executives Council, a member of the Risk Management Association and is heavily involved with Athena San Diego, the premier professional organization for women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Hanaa also served as a board member at La Jolla Playhouse for nearly 10 years and participated on their finance, investment and audit committees.

Hanaa has joined both the steering committee and corporate involvement committee for a new STEM program the San Diego Fleet Science Center is launching for children interested in STEM disciplines. Fleet Science Center’s STEM Ecosystem Initiative is a program that brings executives in education, science and business sectors together to give students greater access to opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math.

With a strong understanding and affinity for STEM disciplines, Hanaa has forged relationships with industry sectors new to our bank, including biotech and medical device firms. Her consultative banking approach has resonated with companies within these industries, as life science and technology firms are often led by researchers, scientists and engineers who rely on strong service providers to help them round out their business skills and strategies. It doesn’t hurt, either, that Hanaa speaks English, Spanish, French, Russian and Arabic, her native language.

Most importantly, Hanaa has also raised a remarkable son, who is now attending a global immersion college program at NYU Shanghai. Way to go, Hanaa.



An Entertaining Group of Ukulele Players and a Patron of the Arts

In La Jolla, we celebrated the holiday season and our 15th anniversary by teaming up with our client La Jolla Music Societyscreen-shot-2016-09-13-at-11-07-51-am to host a client appreciation reception followed by a holiday performance at the MCASD Sherwood Auditorium. We enjoyed wonderful Greek food by Eclat Cateringscreen-shot-2016-09-13-at-11-07-51-am and wine before walking over to the museum across the street to enjoy the unique and amazing music of The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain,screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-11-07-51-am as they performed their “Holiday Show.”


The evening also featured a special appearance by Kristin Lancino (third from left), president and artistic director of La Jolla Music Society and festive caroling by Full Measure. Third from right: Regent Bank’s Hanaa Zahran.

As La Jolla Music Society described The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, they have “entertained British Royalty, jammed with George Harrison, performed with Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) and rocked out at Glastonbury Festival…their hilarious, entertaining dash through all genres of music has led to sold out shows all over the world from the Royal Albert Hall to Sydney Opera House via Carnegie Hall.”

Our guests have since shared with us:

What a unique and memorable performing group!  I think I smiled nonstop through the entire concert!”   

“The concert was outstanding! Thank you for including us!”

“Great memory!!!!!”

“We had a fabulous time. I could not stop smiling and I am still enjoying the ukulele.”



We’d also like to acknowledge our wonderful relationship manager and senior vice president, Hanaa Zahran, who established our relationship with La Jolla Music Society. Hanaa was recently featured as one of San Diego Business Journal’s finalists for Women Who Mean Business this past year, partly because she is tremendously involved with arts and education outreach programs.

Hanaa has joined both the steering committee and corporate involvement committee for a new science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) program the San Diego Fleet Science Center is launching for children interested in STEM disciplines. The committees are supporting the Science Center’s endeavor to unite STEM programs throughout the city. The organization will act as a clearing house for corporations, parents and kids that want to be involved with or learn about K-12 STEM programs. Hanaa believes that San Diego’s kids can and should have access to the best STEM training and resources, and she is committed to making it happen.

Hanaa also served as a board member at La Jolla Playhouse for 10 years, only just recently leaving her role on the board. She also served on the theater’s finance, investment and audit committees. Of particular significance was her contribution on the Playhouse’s finance committee, which she chaired for four years. During that time, she developed the idea to create a royalty reserve account as a way to build up reserves from show royalties.

She is also involved with Water for Africa and Lifeline. She has boosted the fundraising activity of both organizations and spent nearly five years on the gala committee for Water for Africa. The organization has played a pivotal role in the development of sustainable water projects in over 120 villages in Africa. These organizations are especially important to Hanaa because she originally hails from Egypt.

Hanaa is thrilled to partner with the La Jolla Music Society. And as everyone who attended our client appreciation reception knows, this is an organization very deserving of San Diego’s pride and admiration. Cheers to a wonderful 2017 and our next 15 years!


Regents Bank’s Darla Clark with carolers


Jim & Colleen Coffman with Darla Clark


(l to r) Rachel Maurais & Stephen Friedman, Ash & Lata Israni, Luis & Sally Maizel


(l to r) Randy & Jennifer Minnier, Kim Poole, Michelle & Brian Hudak


(l to r) Richard Leung, Hanaa Zahran, Isaac & Loraine Levy


(l to r) Tamara Lafarga, Roger Joseph, Steve & Lori Sefton


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Government Guaranteed Loans and Helping Businesses Grow

leticia-scearce_biltmore-bankSecuring a business loan can be vital to a company’s growth or even survival. Senior Vice President Leticia Scearce, head of Grandpoint’s Government Guaranteed Lending division, shares some great loan options that are available through various government programs which can be facilitated by the Bank and its divisions, Regents Bank, The Biltmore Bank of Arizona and Bank of Tucson.

Q: What should people know about the government guaranteed lending programs that are available?

LS: Government guaranteed loans are there to help small- and medium-sized businesses, since these loans require less cash investment up front and offer longer loan terms. Government guaranteed loans can help bridge the gap for small- and medium-sized businesses that otherwise would not have access to capital.  Also, many businesses that could qualify for conventional loans opt for government guaranteed loans instead because they require less money down and have longer terms. When opting for guaranteed loans, clients usually pay two percent more in fees for 10 to 15 percent cash down versus the 30 percent down for conventional loans.

The most well-known government guaranteed loan programs are those offered by the Small Business Administration (SBA) loans.  These loan programs can include financing for owner-occupied real estate purchase or construction, refinance, equipment, business acquisition, exporting and short term working capital (revolving lines of credit).

Another very attractive loan program is available through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).  Eligible USDA loans can be for real estate and equipment (including renewable energy projects) in rural or farming areas and can have a loan term up to 30 years. In addition, there are a few subprograms under the USDA loan program umbrella that allow us to finance projects in urban areas that have a local foods component – food manufacturing, distribution, retail, etc. The USDA loan product is attractive because it offers the longest term of the government guaranteed loan programs; is more flexible in pricing and prepayment penalties; has less oversight with franchises and dealer agreements; and has less regulation overall. It needs to be mentioned that even though the program is offered under the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the financing of eligible projects / properties under this program do not need to be agriculture related.  Rather, its availability is contingent on the current population levels of a specific census tract in which the business or property will be located.

Q: What is the current status of government guaranteed lending?

LS: We’re hitting record levels of government guaranteed lending as the economy is improving. One reason is that the banks’ lending standards for conventional loans haven’t changed much since the recession, which makes guaranteed loans more attainable and attractive.

Q: Have you seen any big changes in the government guaranteed lending programs that business owners should know about?

LS: We saw a big change recently in the SBA 504 program. This product offers low cash down and a 20-year fixed rate on the client’s second loan, which is financed by the SBA. The agency now allows the client to refinance existing loans on owner-occupied real estate and allows some cash out provisions, helping the small business owner access capital for long-term working capital.

Q: How do the members of the government guaranteed lending program for Grandpoint Bank and its divisions work together to assist clients?

LS: We are tasked with helping all our regions expand our government guaranteed lending, which is a combination of SBA loans, USDA loans and export loans. I’m based in Phoenix at The Biltmore Bank of Arizona, along with Debbie Lindsay, our loan administrator. My team’s loan specialist/underwriter, Marchette Wesley, and portfolio servicer, Hector Palomares, are in California, and I travel to our offices throughout Arizona, California and Washington to train our staff about our guaranteed loan platform.  We assist our relationship managers in deepening their knowledge base with the different loan products we have available. We also train our credit staff so they can recognize when a conventional loan isn’t suited for a client and a government guaranteed loan could offer a great alternative.

Mark Phillips, Grandpoint Capital’s chief credit officer, and David Ross, Grandpoint Bank’s chief credit officer, and our regional bank presidents have been very supportive of our division and expansion.

Q: How is Grandpoint Bank, and its divisions, differentiating itself in this type of lending?

LS: Our Southern California and Vancouver, Washington markets do a lot of export business, so with our large geographic footprint and sizable lending capacity, we can target more middle market customers.   In Arizona, we have more rural opportunities, and thus the USDA programs are a great fit. We are already one of the top lenders in the state for USDA loans.  We are looking forward to expanding our footprint in USDA lending in all of our markets.   Seventy to 90 percent of government guaranteed loans don’t count against a bank’s legal lending limits, so we have more capacity to service larger companies as well.

Q: How did your career lead you to becoming the head of the government guaranteed lending division?

LS: I was drawn to SBA lending in 2007 when I was working in commercial lending at a community bank here in Scottsdale. I further progressed into this niche lending sector during the recession when the credit markets froze and guaranteed loans became even more essential. When I joined The Biltmore Bank of Arizona in 2011, I helped established the SBA department, and a year later I pushed for expansion into other government guaranteed loan programs such as USDA loans and export financing.  A diverse, more inclusive platform was important to our brand and to our customer base, and I was fortunate that key management at Biltmore trusted and supported my recommendations. In 2012, Biltmore Bank was acquired by Grandpoint Bank, and with the backing of a larger bank, it allowed us to expand our lending efforts even further.  Personally, Grandpoint gave me access to a larger platform with great management resources to help expand and develop this lending niche. Prior to the acquisition, our government guaranteed lending activity was small, but many of the banks acquired by Grandpoint around the same time had SBA loan portfolios, so my servicing and liquidation role increased. Soon thereafter, our senior management team decided to expand this niche of lending for the whole family of banks. I’m pleased to have a very amazing team. We all have to stay up to date on policies and procedures for all of these programs. This type of lending makes you a better banker, because it requires a complex level of understanding and mastery of detail; it makes you sharper.

Q: Are you involved in any civic work?

LS: I serve on the City of Phoenix Investment Advisory Board, which advises the city on its entire investment portfolio.

Q: What do you like to do for fun?

LS: My husband and I are into cycling, and I love to hike. I also enjoy cooking and baking, and I’m a wine connoisseur. We have visited more than 100 wineries, and I’d love to become a sommelier someday. More immediately, I’d like to look at growth and loan opportunities in the wine industries throughout the various regions we serve. I also enjoy reading, gardening, and I am a big tennis fan!



5 Questions: Dan Yates, President and CEO of Regents Bank San Diego

Dan Yates, Regents Bank San Diego President and CEO

Dan Yates, Regents Bank San Diego President and CEO 

Dan Yates is one of the original founders of Regents Bank over 10 years ago. Regents Bank San Diego has offices in La Jolla, Downtown San Diego, El Cajon, Carlsbad and in Vancouver, WA.

Q: How would you assess 2011 in terms of the recovery for medium-large size companies?

A: It’s been a challenging year for many of our clients. Companies are accumulating cash as they reduce inventory levels, trim staff, and hold off on making capital expenditure investments until they are more positive about the economic environment. The Federal Reserve has made some recent statements that suggest it is likely to keep short-term interest rates near zero into 2014 or beyond, to bolster the fragile economic recovery.  While the low interest rate environment does not speak well for the strength of the modest recovery we are experiencing, it is creating what amounts to a refinancing boom amongst businesses that own their corporate facilities and are interested in refinancing existing loans in an effort to reduce interest expense and increase business cash flows. Some business owners are exploring purchasing commercial real estate for the first time in years as they transition away from leasing their facilities.

Q: What are your thoughts on the San Diego economy in 2012?

A:  I believe unemployment levels will remain high throughout the year and we’ll see continued sluggishness in the local economy, driving consolidation in many industries through mergers and acquisitions, including the banking industry. I am optimistic that we will see a stronger economic environment in the early part of 2013 but anticipate that 2012 will look much like 2011 in what some refer to as the new normal.  As with all economic cycles there will be numerous exceptions in particular industry niches where we will find success stories. Companies that have survived the past couple of years have either learned how to operate on a more streamlined basis or are able to “reinvent themselves” through innovation, new strategic approaches, etc., to enable long term survivability.

Q:  Any advice to business owners for 2012?

A: Yes, continue to invest time working “on your business, not just in your business”.  Spend time with your key professional advisors and your executive team, strategizing to identify new avenues to boost revenues, seeking out opportunities to reduce overhead costs, streamline whenever and wherever possible in an effort to become more efficient, and strive to identify potential savings in your supply chain.  Many companies will excel by identifying new niche markets for their products and services; they will need to be ever more innovative including taking advantage of new technologies.  Doing business the way you always have may not be an option if the economic environment continues on this path long term as we all experience this so called “new normal”.  Working harder is probably not going to be enough to get it done.  Working smarter on improving every aspect of your business is the ticket to long term prosperity for your company.

Q: What was the biggest news for Regents Bank in 2011?

A: Definitely our partnering with Grandpoint Capital, which is scheduled to close in January 2012. Our new affiliation with Grandpoint Capital and Grandpoint Bank will enable Regents Bank to expand existing relationships and attract new clients as we will have access to expanded lending limits and we will also be able to offer new products and services to our clients. This partnership assures our clients that Regents Bank’s financial stability remains quite sound and we are a safe haven for clients to deposit excess funds with. We are also optimistic that we will be able to access capital from our new holding company to make potential acquisitions of other local banks.

Q: What are the Yates Family plans for the holidays?

A: This is an exciting time for the Yates family. We have a number of nephews that have been away from home serving in the military for the last few years and this is the first time in the past 4-5 years that we will all be together for Christmas. We are planning a big gathering and reunion celebration. We’re very happy about that.


Regents Bank CEO Dan Yates Named as “One of the Top Twenty Men Who Impact San Diego”

Regents Bank CEO Dan Yates

Regents Bank President and CEO Dan Yates

San Diego Metropolitan Magazine has named Regents Bank President and CEO Dan Yates as “One of the Top Twenty Men Who Impact San Diego”screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-11-07-51-am in its recently released November issue. Regents Bank is extremely proud of Dan and we believe that Dan has positioned Regents to be a major contributor to the resurgence of the San Diego business climate and economy in 2012.

Recently, Grandpoint Capital Inc., a financial firm that owns banking operations throughout Southern California and Arizona, entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Regents Bancshares, Inc. and the transaction is expected to become official in the first quarter of 2012. Dan said this alliance will “benefit our San Diego and Vancouver, WA clients by having greater access to capital, which allows Regents to support larger loan accommodations for our clients,”

As the article reports, Regents Bank (all five offices) will continue to function under the same name and management team. Grandpoint recognized that, under Yates leadership, Regents Bank “had become one of the top San Diego community banks with a very strong performance history to support its reputation.

Regents Bank reported strong financial results in the 2nd Quarter of 2011. Dan attributes this to Regents not only providing the necessary financial products and services for our business banking clients, but as important is the “consultative banking” approach that differentiates Regents from other financial institutions. Bank clients have the opportunity to benefit from the advice of our team of seasoned business bankers that have been helping many elite companies for over 10 years. Regents Bank has offices in La Jolla, San Diego, Carlsbad, El Cajon and Vancouver, WA. For additional information on what makes us unique, visit our website at and contact a local Regents Banker today.


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Regents Banks’ Devin Jackson Selected for the Esteemed “Accomplished & Under 40 Class of 2011”

Devin Jacckson, Regents Bank, Vancouver, WA

Devin Jackson, Regents Bank, Vancouver, WA

On Friday, October 14th Devin Jackson, Assistant Vice President/Commercial  Lending Officer at Regents Bank, Vancouver, WA was named as a recipient of the prestigious “Accomplished & Under 40 Class of 2011.”

The Vancouver Business Journal announced the selection criteria,This year’s class was determined by an 11-member selection committee, comprised of former honorees.  The committee reviewed candidates based on demonstrated professional accomplishments, leadership abilities, efforts on behalf of local nonprofits, community involvement and positive feedback from clients, fellow employees and supervisors.”

Regents Bank CEO Dan Yates stated, “I consider Devin one of our Bank’s most highly valued assets.  It has been my pleasure to work with him for the past 6 years and have watched him mature into one of our star performers. Devin has been promoted numerous times over the years and is currently serving Regents Bank’s clients as an Assistant Vice president wherein he manages a large portfolio of local business relationships within the Vancouver Market. Devon has a strong work ethic and exemplifies a sense of integrity and honesty that clients and colleagues admire and respect him for.”

Devin joined Regents Bank in 2005 and through his initiative has developed the skills needed to manage a diversified client portfolio.  He has developed a significant number of new business relationships through his community involvement and by sharpening his credit skills over the years.

A Vancouver, Washington native, he attended Gonzaga University in Spokane,Washington where he received a degree in Finance and graduated magna cum laude. In addition to his responsibilities at Regents Bank, Devin gives much of his free time to community service. Devin has been actively involved in the Big Brother Big Sister program for the past four years, is a Treasurer of his Home Owner’s Association and is an assistant financial officer at his church. He is also an active member in the Vancouver Chamber of Commerce and Young Professionals of Vancouver organizations.

Devin was named the recipient of the 2010 George C. Marshall Public Leadership Award by The Fort Vancouver National Trust, which describes the award accordingly, “The Marshall Public Leadership Award honors the legacy of General George C. Marshall as one of Fort Vancouver National Trust’s Celebrate Freedom programs. Candidates for the Marshall Award must be Clark County residents, 35 or under and have completed a four-year college degree. Selection is based on leadership ability, academic achievement and potential for an active role in public service.”

Regents Bank is very proud of Devin’s professional and personal accomplishments and offers sincere congratulations for this very well deserved recognition.


Regents Bank Joanna Archer Recognized with 2011 “40 Under 40” Award



Regents Bank San Diego VP Joanna Archer

Joanna Archer, Assistant Vice President at Regents Bank

 Joanna Archer, Assistant Vice President at Regents Bank San Diego has been recognized by San Diego Metropolitan Magazine’s “40 Under 40 Awards”↗ for 2011. This honor is bestowed upon those individuals under age 40 that are having a substantial impact on the San Diego business community and their companies,  as well as giving of themselves to a variety of civic and personal causes.

At the age of twenty three, Joanna  was hired by Scripps Bank to be a back office clerk. Within three years, with her talent and dedication having been recognized by senior management, Joanna was managing the department (an officer position) and had tripled her salary. Her job required sophisticated knowledge of the technical systems used to route money in and out of the bank.

Known in the local banking industry for her warm personality and her many talents, Regents Bank recruited Joanna to be their manager of central operations and cash management,. Joanna was just 29 years old at the time. She currently holds the title of Assistant Vice President and manages two departments – the Central Operations Area, which oversees all wire transfers in and out, exception items like returning non-sufficient funds (NSF) and fraud prevention and the Electronic Banking Department. In addition, she acts as a consultant for Regents Bank’s clients who require assistance setting up and operating remote deposit capture, other remote banking products and ACH origination. Balancing her time away from the office to assist clients as well as her supervisory duties managing two of the bank’s departments is a challenge that Joanna welcomes and seems to meet with ease.

Joanna has risen through the ranks quickly at Regents Bank and has shown a great appetite for knowledge along the way, which she happily shares with her co-workers. She has excelled early in her career with Regents and is an important part of the leadership team. Regents Bank is extremely proud of Joanna for being a recipient of this prestigious award and is very appreciative of the goodwill she spreads throughout the local community.

In 2009 Joanna’s 10 year old son was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. Joanna researched the disease and decided to make a difference in the lives of those afflicted and their families.  After discovering that millions of people suffer from this disease, which has no cure, she got involved with the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation↗ (JDRF) and helped raise money for type one diabetes research (related to juvenile diabetes) through the organization’s charity walk. Her first year out, she won JDRF’s golden shoe award for personally raising over $1000 for the cause. This year, Joanna and her husband are trying to raise even more money by coordinating a basketball tournament in addition to doing the walk. Joanna is hopeful that one day there will be a cure which will help restore the health of these young people.

Joanna also dedicates her free time to supporting her nine-year-old daughter in her Girl Scout activities. Joanna and her daughter have been Girl Scout members for the last five years, and Joanna recently led the troop in earning a badge for Finance. She taught the girls about saving money, foreign currency and banking products. Because most of the troop members’ mothers work full-time, everyone pitches in to help. Joanna has helped raise funds to donate to the Girl Scouts’ Operation Thin Mint to send Thin Mint cookies to American military troops overseas and to create Easter cards for patients at Rady Children’s Hospital.↗


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The Need to Determine Appraised Value in Today’s Market

Regents Bank San Diego V.P. Ben Price

Regents Bank First Vice President Ben Price recently contributed an article in Commercial Property Magazine entitled “The Need to Determine Appraised Value in Today’s Market”. You can read why re-appraising properties properly is very important in avoiding costly valuation mistakes at↗

Regents Bank helps San Diego businesses secure ownership of commercial properties, including construction financing and owner-occupied business building loans. Our team of experienced bankers will help you be sure that you are paying a fair price and that the property has been properly valued. Lean more about our Commercial Loan programs at


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