Regents Rovers Step Up to Save Animals


Regents Rovers 2017 (l to r): Donna Provencher with Brodie; Claudia Sanchez with daughter Natalie, chihuahua Charlie, sister Bernice, Luka the husky; Kim Flores with kids Jaely and AJ; Erin Brosch with Zoe; and Taryn Diehl with kids Brandon, Layla and Trinity

The Regents Rovers were at it again this year, raising money for the San Diego Humane Society’s Walk For Animals event. We’re happy to report that, under the leadership of our own Erin Brosch, our team of 10 raised more than $1000! Overall, the event, a two-mile walk at Liberty Station in Point Loma, helped raise tens of thousands of dollars to support the vital work of the San Diego Humane Society.

Our team included Erin, Matt Fishman, Donna Provencher, Claudia Sanchez, Taryn Diehl, and Kim Flores from Regents Bank, as well as a few family members. While billed as “San Diego’s largest dog walk,” we also spotted a miniature horse, a pig, a couple of cats, some parrots and a goat.

Additional members of our Regents Bank team stepped up to the plate to support Regents Rovers with cash donations to the Humane Society, including Ben Lundeen, Mike Churchwell, Cindy Thomas, Bill Scheffel, Tom Schmidt, Mark Anderson, David Ekings, Linda Thomas, Jean Porter, Amber Santos, Nick Nattkemper and Victoria Vossler. We also had some customer support, for which we are very grateful.

The money raised through Walk For Animals provides food, medical care and a safe haven for thousands of animals in need. Each year, the San Diego Humane Society rescues tens of thousands of animals. It’s one of just a small handful of Humane Society organizations in the U.S. with a no-kill policy.

Erin, who has coordinated a team for this event several years running, is motivated by her love for animals. “I want to keep San Diego County a kill free county,” she said. “An animal’s love is unconditional, and you’re never alone when you have a pet.”

San Diego Humane Society’s next big fundraiser, The Fur Ball, is coming up on September 9, but you can support the Society’s mission with a contribution any time of the year. More information can be found at


Regents Rovers 2017 (l to r): Donna Provencher with Brodie; Erin Brosch with Zoe; Kim Flores’ son AJ; Claudia Sanchez with sister Bernice, Luka the Husky and daughter Natalie with Charlie; and Matt Fishman with Vail



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