How Can A Specialty Banker Help Your Business?

Part one of our periodic ‘Meet Your Banker’ series of blog postings

When you think of a banker, do you think conservative suit? Good at numbers? Knows their way around a spreadsheet but maybe not around a construction site? You can be honest. You do, right?

Well, let us surprise you. Many of our bankers have unique training and backgrounds that just may match up with your specific industry. One used to hold a top position at a well-known food chain. Another earned an MBA degree in healthcare administration, and still another has financed dozens of hotel developments and acquisitions.

Our list goes on. From hospitality to healthcare, software, construction and so many more, you’ll find Regents bankers who have differentiated themselves as specialists in certain industries. They’ve done so through education and training, participating in industry associations, previous careers in those industries and, above all else, listening to our clients.

Our management and service philosophy supports and encourages our relationship managers going the extra mile to provide relevant and insightful counsel. We know that a banker who understands the unique dynamics, language and market forces of your industry will be much more valuable to you and your business.

Through our blog, we plan to introduce you to some of our specialists and tell you a little bit about how they came to focus on a certain industry and how their specialty background helps our clients. As always, we welcome your comments and questions.


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