Process, People and Products: A Formula for Success for Regents Bank Clients

What makes Regents Bank unique? Why are so many businesses making the change to Regents? Why do our clients stay with us even while being regularly approached with offers from so many other banks?

This question is best answered by watching the video testimonials throughout our blog. One of the common themes is that we use a process we call “Consultative Banking.” Regents Bank was founded over ten years ago by a group of successful entrepreneurs that knew what it took to build a successful business. Their mission was to create a bank that would allow them to work with other entrepreneurs and help them succeed. They created and utilize a process that is called “Consultative Banking” (which is used by every Regents Relationship Manager). Translation: converse and listen to understand what is most important to the business owner at that time, and only after these conversations have been had, and only if needed, will any financial products be recommended.

This process has served our clients very well for over a decade, but it’s the people at Regents that make the difference. Yes, they are skilled, intelligent and very well trained in our methodology of working with clients and the advanced technology we provide our clients to make banking transactions simple and efficient. But there are certainly other banks that have skilled and trained employees as well. What separates us from them is the dedication and desire our people have to genuinely get to know our clients. It’s not uncommon for a client to say, “When I call Regents on the phone the person that answers knows it’s me by my voice and takes a personal interest in making sure my needs are met accurately and efficiently. They care.”

We listen to learn and understand, we have great people that care about our clients’ success and we have a complete portfolio of products we offer when it fits into the context of moving our client towards achieving the success and goals they work so hard to attain. From mobile banking, remote deposit capture, credit card services, commercial loans and so much more…our portfolio is progressive and offers the latest technology available, saving our client’s valuable time.

Don’t just take our word for it. Watch some of the videos of our business clients talking candidly about how our Consultative Banking approach helped them, and visit our Testimonial Page on our website to learn more about our process. If you’re not already a Regents client, call one of our conveniently located branch offices and speak with one of our Relationship Managers. We look forward to learning more about you, your business and your objectives.

We look forward to getting to know  you. And you can get to know us better by visiting our website at


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