Consultative Banking: Not New to Regents Bank Clients But More Business Owners Requiring It

Consultative Banking has been the cornerstone of the Regents Bank approach to helping businesses grow for almost eleven years. It’s something that our clients have come to rely on and it’s why they, and their other financial advisors, regularly refer other business owners to us. Being a “community bank” allows us the ability to give each client the personal touch and the time needed to understand their companies current situation and goals, and then provide assistance with sound business advice mixed with our complement of financial products if warranted.

Greenwich Associates, a financial services market research firm, printed in a recent article titled “Businesses Seek The Human Touch From Their Banks” that “From late 2009 to July 2011, companies began putting more stock in the “human touch.” Over that period, the share of small businesses citing the Internet platform as the single most important point of interaction with their bank declined to 18% from 24% and the share of mid-sized companies naming the Internet as their most important banking channel dropped to 21% from 25%. Meanwhile, the share of small businesses naming their relationship manager as their most important point of contact jumped to 53% from 48%; among midsized companies that share increased to 71% in July 2011 from 60% in December 2009.” And these trends have continued.

The article also discusses the fact that many business owners are still perplexed by the economy. They want to know how to best manage company finances during this period of slow growth. And they want that feedback from their banking relationship manager, not a product salesperson.

Regents Bank CEO Dan Yates describes our philosophy and it’s benefits to our clients in a blog post he wrote titled “Above and Beyond”. In that post you’ll see that we also provide our clients with introductions to other businesses and advisors that perfectly complement what Regents does, and sometimes doesn’t do, for our clients. We have found over the years that a team approach works very well with many of our clients because of the different backgrounds and experience different advisors bring to the table.

Regents Bank prides itself on having a select team of professional “Relationship Managers” to help our business clients make informed financial decisions. To learn more about our consultative approach visit the Regents Bank website. We’ll meet with you; no sales pressure or obligation on your part will be part of that meeting. You’ll know if we can help, and if you decide to bring us aboard we will be more than a banker, we’ll become a trusted advisor and partner. That’s the Regents Bank method of professional banking.


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