Cecilia Wittman: 11 Years with Regents Bank and Still Loving Her Job and Her Customers

Regents Bank Cecilia Wittman

Cecilia Wittman, Regents Bank, La Jolla Office

Regents Bank is staffed with some of the most dedicated, loyal and responsible individuals you’ll find in any financial institution. Though she’s always in motion, we were able to sit Regents employee Cecilia Wittman down for a few minutes and ask her about her career with Regents Bank and what it has meant to her and her customers.

Q: Cecilia, when did you join Regents Bank?

Cecilia:  I came on board in the beginning, when Regents was in formation, which was August of 2001. I was part of the old Scripps Bank crew that migrated over to Regents when we saw the potential of what was being formed.

Q: What do you do for Regents Bank customers on a daily basis?

Cecilia: I’m a Customer Service Specialist. I work in the La Jolla branch and I
assist our clients with their banking transactions in the branch or by
phone, email or any other method of communications they may need.

Q: What separates Regents from previous banks you’ve worked with, as well as other local banks you’re familiar with?

Cecilia:  Regents is a premier bank because of its staff. It starts with Dan Yates our CEO, Steve Sefton our President and permeates throughout the entire organization.  Each and every employee contributes with their own special talents, providing an extremely high level of customer service and an attention to detail that our clients have come to expect from Regents Bank.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working at Regents?

Cecilia: What I enjoy most is that many of my clients have become good friends over the years. I look forward to seeing them and assisting them with their financial needs. But it goes beyond that. They also share with me their excitement over their children’s birthdays, graduations, weddings and then the arrival of grandchildren. For our clients, Regents Bank is a place they can do business with trusted friends and know all their banking needs will also receive personal attention.

Q: What is one success story you can share with us about helping solve a client’s problem?

Cecilia:  Recently one of our clients retired and took a trip around the world with his wife.  Before they left, he shared some reservations he had about being able to access his accounts and do his banking online. I was able to explain how he would access his accounts and that I would be available if he needed me. He had no problems accessing his accounts using online banking from anywhere in the world. I really enjoyed sharing his many adventures from the e-mails he sent from the many exotic locations they visited. No matter how far away you travel Regents Bank is always available!


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