First 30 Day Observances of Regents Bank President Steve Sefton

Nearing the 30 day mark as the newly appointed President of Regents Bank, Steve Sefton was asked what has impressed him most about Regents and why business clients should choose Regents as their business bank. Steve named three areas that he believes are important components of the organization’s culture and which provide major benefits to the local business community:

“First, the people. Regents has the best group of consultative bankers I have ever seen. They are very involved in the local business community in order to gain a deeper understanding of today’s challenges which local business owners face every day. They regularly participate in, and often lead, business forums, roundtables and seminars designed to provide new and innovative strategies for business owners and their advisers. I’ve already had the pleasure of accompanying one of our advisers  on a radio program focused on advising business owners on various strategies they might employ and I look forward to connecting with many of our clients personally in the future.”

“Second, Regents Bank has a culture of moving beyond the numbers and getting involved in strategic planning, investment of capital, and the overall decision making aspects of running a business. Our bank was founded ten years ago by a very successful group of entrepreneurs with a mission of helping business owners through a process we call ‘consultative banking’. The advisers we hire are all very experienced with the many facets of running a business and are able to offer their clients non-biased third party advice. If we can’t help a business owner we’ll come out and say it. At Regents we’re not about pushing financial products, we’re about helping businesses prosper. We eventually get compensated for what we do; that’s a by-product of our commitment to be a member of our clients’ team of advisers.”

“Lastly, we’re willing to not only work with our client’s other key advisers (attorney, CPA, insurance broker, etc.) but we’re willing to introduce them to other very capable advisers, and other business owners, they can work cooperatively with if the need arises. We believe that we are a very important part of a client’s team, but that it is in fact a team with other members that also bring value to our mutual client. We work very closely with the other professionals assisting the client and are we are very proud of the reputation we’ve established as a bank that has advisers that are catalysts who work collectively to make positive things happen for the clients business.”

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