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Regents Bank Helps Business Owners in a Rut

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A recent study indicated that the higher the level of education the lower the percentage of suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. Continuous use of our brains as we age also is a deterrent.

As entrepreneurs we are constantly inundated with new ideas, whether technology or processes. The daily challenges of running a business certainly tax the brain. Often times we feel more drained after a day of mental challenges than a strenuous workout at the gym.

But beware of “the rut”. You may never have fallen into it (doubtful), but no doubt you know other business people that have. Sometimes it’s fatigue, financial setbacks, employee issues…there are a myriad of reasons that push us down into the rut. Some people spend days there, some spend months, and some never recover and never get out.

Much like avoiding physiological brain atrophy, there are strategies which can be implemented to keep your perspectives fresh and your spirits high. They can keep you and your business healthy. Here are 3 simple steps you can take to stay on top:


Read. Trade publications. Business magazines. Newsletters. Blogs. Newspapers. Keep the flow of new information streaming your way. Not only will your mind expand, you’ll be amazed at the influx of new thoughts that will help you make innovative changes in your business.

Talk. Talk to your suppliers, your competitors, your customers, your advisers (banker, accountant, attorney). Conversation has a double benefit: listening gives you food for thought, speaking clarifies your thoughts and stimulates further discussion. It’s very easy to become isolated as an entrepreneur as you stay hunkered in your bunker growing your business. Talking with people with varying views will clarify your current path or help introduce you to productive new alternatives.

Attend. Go to the breakfast business briefing, the one day seminar in town, the three day conference up the coast. The exposure you’ll get to new people and new points of view will be invigorating. Make the investment of time and money to get away from it all and you’ll notice the effects it will have on you personally and on your business when you return.

Building a business should come with a warning label: “Do not attempt this endeavor alone.”

Regents Bank can help you build your business. We are entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs. We’re well read, we attend dozens of conferences each  year to stay current for ourselves and our clients, and we will talk with you, at no charge, about the financial alternatives available to streamline and grow your business. We keep our clients moving forward and away from the ruts.

Regents Bank has offices in La Jolla, San Diego, Carlsbad and El Cajon, CA. We also have a full-service office in Vancouver, WA. Learn more about us at www.regentsbank.com


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