Commercial Real Estate Success In Today’s Market

Regents Bank First Vice President Ben Price

In a recent article featured in Commercial Property Executive, Regents Bank 1st Vice President Ben Price shared some of his insights in the article, “What Makes Commercial Real Estate Click in Today’s Market”. In the article Ben cites five major factors which are essential:

1.) Cash Flow

2.) Leases

3.) Loans

4,) Insurance

5,) Environmental

Enjoy the entire article by clicking on the link above.

Ben Price is in his 10th year in the Commercial Banking Field, the past six being with Regents Bank. His success can be attributed to the personal interest he takes in the success of each of his clients, as well as the practical knowledge he has accumulated during his career. Ben can be contacted at the Regents Bank San Diego office at (619) 446-5595.

Ben is a regular contributor of interesting and educational articles for Commercial Property Executive, as well as this blog. Special thanks to Sarah Austin from TW2 Marketing for publicizing this excellent article.


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