The Three P’s of Social Media for Businesses


Regents Bank San Diego Social Marketing for Businesses

Unless your company has a Social Media Director or uses the services of a professional consultant, social media strikes fear into the hearts of many business owners and managers. At Regents Bank we’ve been applauded by numerous companies and clients for the success of our Social Media efforts, and have received recognition by many of our peers for being a very progressive organization in this area.

There are volumes of books about how to develop and implement a successful social media program, and there’s not enough space in our blog to tell you all that we’ve done to design and build our program. But hopefully the following bit of advice will provide you with some ideas to get you started, or maybe breathe some new life into your existing social media program.

Here are “Three P’s” which you can implement to gain entry or gather more momentum: Presence, Participation and Promotion.

Presence: There are so many different channels to concentrate your time and resources on, where should you start? Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Pinterest? The answer is that you need to be investing time where your clients and prospective clients are spending their time. For example, restaurants spend a lot of time promoting themselves on Facebook because food creates a connection and Facebook nurtures connections between people and businesses. Companies wanting to monitor and respond to customer comments might want to spend more time on Twitter. Executives and salespeople wanting to meet prospective clients can make profitable connections on LinkedIn. So, spend time where the people you want to connect with are spending their time.

Participation: Where you concentrate your time this month may be different six months later as you expand your program. But no matter where you decide to develop a presence you must be a consistently active participant. How do you do that? Start or get involved in ongoing conversations. For example, if you are trying to do more business with real estate developers you could get involved in discussions on LinkedIn in groups where you could add value to the conversation. If you become a regular and consistent participant, over time your prospective clients will want to learn more about you and what your company has to offer.

Promotion: We’re not talking self-promotion here. We’re talking about promoting your clients on Social Media. This is something your competition isn’t doing. For example, let’s say that we, Regents Bank, are a client of yours. On your companies Facebook page you mention what a great bank Regents is and how you love the personal attention you receive from us; how we’re relationship centered and not product pushers. Do you think our management team is going to appreciate that? You promote yourself best when you promote others. When one of your competitors comes knocking on our door it’s going to be very difficult for them to take the account away from you.

These are three ideas you can implement immediately. There are dozens more. Keep reading the Regents Bank blog and we’ll be providing more ideas for you over the coming weeks. Why would a bank provide you with this information? Because we’re in the business of helping you build your business. We partner with our clients and can often times help by providing guidance from our own experience. And yes, we do have a fine portfolio of financial products as well.

Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. We’re happy to connect with you online. Some of our best offline relationships have started this way. The same can happen for your company using the tools and advantages social media provide you.

Regents Bank has offices in San Diego, La Jolla, Carlsbad and El Cajon, CA., as well as Vancouver, WA. Visit our website at to get to know us better. Links to all of our social media sites can be found on our home page as well.


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