3 Reasons Why Regents Bank is the Premier Business Bank in San Diego and Vancouver, WA

Regents Bank Builiding La Jolla

Regents Bank Building La Jolla

Regents Bank is the premier business bank in San Diego and Vancouver, WA. That is a core belief of our institution, our employees and our customers. Our customers have many choices of where to bank, just take a look at any corner and you’ll see a bank building. Why choose Regents? We believe there are three very good reasons to choose us as your business bank:

Our people. You’re building a business, we’re building a business. You’re an entrepreneur with a dream, so are we. Your office is based in the community and you’re raising your family here, so are we. When you talk with a Regents banker we are not going to start our relationship off by trying to get you to open a business checking account or sell you any other of our financial products or business services. Yes, we want you to use us as your financial lender or provider of business banking services, but not until we understand what your business goals are, your time frame, your risk tolerance…not until we get to know you. Our people aren’t looking to peddle a product; our people want to do what’s best for you and develop a long term partnership. We call it “Consultative Banking”, and it’s the cornerstone of what makes Regents Bank great.

Our customers. We keep our customers because we treat them with the same interest and respect as the day we met them. We’re in our 11th year and the vast majority of our initial clients are still happy, loyal Regents Bank clients. Sure, we’ve lost some along the way that left us because they could get a loan for quarter of a percent less, but not many. Why? Because business owners know that finding a bank that puts the customer first is a rarity. Regents Bank is that rare bank that always, and we mean always, puts the customer first. A good businessperson doesn’t begrudge a great provider of services a fair profit; that’s why we lose very few clients over a percentage point or some other miniscule product difference a competitor is offering in order to take away one of our clients. Our clients appreciate us, and they know we appreciate them by the attention to detail we provide and the time we’ve invested getting to know them.

Our vision. Regents Bank is a very successful, financially solid bank. But we’ve made two very important decisions in the past 120 days that will provide increased benefits for our clients. First, we were acquired by Grandpoint Capital. This alliance provides our business banking clients with greater access to capital for the purpose of growing their businesses. Grandpoint loved our business model and how Regents treated our customers. That’s why we retained our name. Grandpoint also acquired California Community Bank in San Diego and that merger is expected to be finalized in the 3rd quarter of 2012. The California Community Bank offices will be renamed as Regents Bank offices, which will in turn offer our customers even more options of locations when they need to visit a Regents Bank San Diego office.

These are three great reasons to do your business banking with Regents. When is the last time a banker sat face-to-face with you and really listened to what your business goals are? Can your banker tell you what your sales objectives are for 2012? Don’t you think they should know that? Your Regents banker will know because they’ll ask. Because they care. Call us today and find out why our customers don’t leave us and what makes us a true community bank. The more you know us the more you’ll see why we’re the best choice to be your business bank.

Regents Bank has offices in San Diego, La Jolla, Carlsbad and El Cajon, CA. We also are proud to have a branch office in the beautiful community of Vancouver, WA.


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