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Dan Yates, Regents Bank San Diego President and CEO

Dan Yates, Regents Bank San Diego President and CEO

Contributed by Dan Yates, President and CEO of Regents Bank

In a recent blog post titled “Do People Really Know What Your Company Does”  we included “financial solutions” as a component of consultative banking. While it is certainly an important element, Regents Bank consultative banking services take it a step further.

Here are some examples of what we do to help our clients grow their top and bottom lines:

We seek out opportunities to introduce our clients to prospective customers.  These introductions potentially help a client build revenues by establishing a new business relationship. At Regents we have a very large database of key contacts and we are motivated to help our clients by connecting them to people in our network that can help them.

Following this theme, we also connect clients to potential vendors that might be able to help reduce their operating costs. This provides our client with a positive financial impact, as well as again connecting two companies that can establish a commerce based and/or networking relationship.

Sometimes we see a strategic need that can be filled by a key introduction to another professional advisor that operates in a specialty niche. For example, it could be an expert that handles setting incentive compensation plans such as an employee phantom stock option plans or it may be an attorney specializing in estate planning, or perhaps it’s a private wealth manager that helps with investing a business owner’s stocks and bonds….the list is endless.

My point is we listen, we learn, we identify needs, and then we strive to connect our clients with a wide array of professionals that we know have the expertise to help them.  Our commitment to our clients is not limited to mere financial products.  Our goal is to provide them with the finest business advice ad solutions coupled with world class customer service.  We have built a successful banking business by focusing our efforts on helping our client’s businesses thrive. At a time when mega banks try to buy new business relationships with below market interest rates on loan products, we continue to invest in our clients’ success by offering advice, introductions, solutions, etc., to help solve key business issues, concerns, needs or opportunities that business owners need assistance with.

Regents Bank has offices in La Jolla, downtown San Diego, Carlsbad and El Cajon, CA and in Vancouver, WA. For more information visit our website at www.regentsbank.com.


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