Talking Trumps Technology Because Relationships Matter Most

As we begin 2012 businesses, individual consumers and banks are keenly aware that technology will most likely continue to play an ever increasing factor in our daily lives, including our interaction with our bank of choice. Applications for smartphones, tablets, Internet reviews and QR codes will be among the tools people will be using to access, monitor and make account changes. The rate at which banks will add online services will vary according to real client need and an institution’s technical development capabilities.

The consumer with the shiny new I-Pad is going to be enamored with their “big bank” application for their pad, as will all of us with new smartphones. And this is a good thing. Technology has made us more efficient, and electronic banking services have saved us many hours of productivity. 2012 will be a very interesting year as even newer technology and mobile applications will be at our fingertips. The competitive pressure on electronic manufacturers and software developers to develop the next killer app is tremendous, but for us as consumers it has been advantageous as we reap the rewards of their stiff competition.

But what is more important to you when it comes to managing your finances, technology or people?  If you’re like most business owners your relationships with your advisers is one of your biggest assets. Our flagship service, the service our clients value most, is what we call “Consultative Banking.” We know our clients, and our clients know us. We’re both entrepreneurial in nature and both value the availability of open, honest communication. Regents Bank has grown over the years by being a San Diego business bank that is known for being relationship centered. While we are consultative focused we do however strive to offer our clients products that enhance their banking relationship such as remote deposit capture, online banking, bill pay, ach online origination , etc. However, our commitment to, and relationship with, our clients will continue to be the centerpiece of banking with us.

As you start 2012 make it a resolution to establish a relationship with a bank that cares and will get to know you and your business personally. We’re a community bank that is committed to helping our business clients and the San Diego business community grow. Call us or visit a Regents banking office in downtown San Diego, El Cajon, La Jolla, Carlsbad and Vancouver, WA. Get to know one of our bankers. Take the time to talk about your goals for the coming year and we’ll talk about helping make them a reality. Talking trumps texting every time. Let’s build a relationship this year and make 2012 your best year ever.


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