Your Privacy and Security are Very Important To Us at Regents Bank

Regents Bank San Diego Security Alert


You may not have noticed yet, but Regents Bank has added a “Security Alert” to our websites’ home page which gives a one line reminder that we will never ask you for personal information by phone or e-mail. Full details are available by clicking on the “Learn More” link which is directly beneath the summary statement.

Here are a few of the major points, however we urge you to read the entire security message.

  • Do not respond to e-mails telling you that your account will be closed unless you verify confidential information such as account numbers, Personal Identification numbers (PIN’s) or your Social Security number.
  • Make sure that you have anti-virus and anti-spyware software installed on your computer(s) and that you have selected the option when you install it to have security updates automatically added to the program.
  • Have a Firewall installed on your network or personal computer. This validates websites you’re visiting as being legitimate, as well as preventing viruses from being uploaded onto your computer.
  • Check your account statement regularly and report any questionable transactions immediately.

And as noted at the bottom of the page, and very important for your security, please know our policy:

Regents Bank will NEVER request a customer’s personal information (bank card number, account number, social security number, personal identification number or password) through email or by phone. If you should ever receive an email or phone call requesting your personal, confidential information that appears to be from Regents Bank, DO NOT respond and contact the Bank immediately at 1-866-395-4100.

We thank you for reading our policy and as we approach the end of another year we want you to know that all of us at Regents Bank consider it a privilege to serve you.



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