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Regents Bank San Diego and Three Planning Questions

3 Simple Planning Questions That Can Change 2012 For You


End of year planning can be difficult with so many employees taking time off, year-end accounting, customer and employee appreciation events…so many things vying for our time and attention. With that in mind, extended planning time for next year, if not done by now, is most likely not going to happen.

Here is a concise way for you to put some thought into planning ahead for 2012. Take time to ponder these three questions and be sure to write the answers down where you can find them tomorrow:

  1. What did we, as an organization, do well in 2011?
  2. What could we have done better in 2011?
  3. What is the one thing that if we do well in 2012 will provide the biggest increase in profitability for the organization?

The answer to question number one will make you smile, to number two will make you wince, and to number three will make your furrow your brow. But all three, if you put some real time and thought into your answers will make a major difference in your results next year.

This next step is critical. 24 hours from when you put your pen down after answering these three questions go back and read what you wrote. You’ll have thought of things to add to all three questions because your mind will have been turning them over. The thoughts you add may very well provide your biggest breakthrough for 2012.

We wish you much success and prosperity in the year that is just around the corner and which provides us all a blank slate to create a great story to enjoy at the end of next year.

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