Community Banks are Community Businesses

In the County of San Diego there are many locally owned medium and large size businesses. These companies are spread throughout office parks and buildings. They may be larger in scope than the small shop owner, but they have at least one thing in common: a loyalty to their local community. Most of these businesses prefer to use other local companies as product and service suppliers because they prefer to support their local economy. They themselves may be larger companies, but they remember their roots; when they first opened their doors for business and how appreciative they were when other local businesses gave them a chance. Many long-term business relationships and friendships were established during these early days in the life of their companies.

Merriam-Websters definition of Community: “people with common interests living in a particular area.”

What are those common interests? A few of these are:

  • Good Schools
  • Efficient Government
  • Safety and Security of Body and Property
  • Success and Continuity of Local Businesses

Regents Bank is a community bank with local offices in San Diego County: La Jolla, San Diego, El Cajon, Carlsbad, as well as an office in Vancouver, WA. We’ve been successful because we do know our customers by name, and we do have continuity. We’ve been a trusted community bank for over 10 years, and many of our employees have been with us for the entire time. As a community bank we care about local businesses succeeding, and that has been the hallmark of Regents Bank.

As you make the rounds doing your holiday shopping over the next 10 days and are driving to the mall to shop at the national chain stores, notice all of the local businesses that you pass by that offer similar goods and services: jewelers, clothing stores, sporting goods stores, coffee shops, hardware stores, optometrists, banks….and the list goes on and on.  Remember when your business was small and how much you appreciated your new customers. Your business has now grown and is in a different league, but your support of these small businesses can make the difference in their survival and allow them to reach the level of success your business has achieved.

Support your local businesses. Their families, like yours, do their best each day to make a better living than the generation before them to provide greater opportunity for their families. Regents Bank community banking offices have the same business banking services to help you as the national banks do, but we offer something which they don’t:  a commitment to the community. We’re loyal and fully committed to the local businesses and people which we serve daily. Come visit us and take a look at the people of Regents. Our people make the difference.  We think you’ll want to be a member of our community of clients.

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