Social Media’s Role at Regents Bank

San Diego Business Journal Article "Bankers Talk Innovation"

In the November 14th, 2011 edition of the San Diego Business Journalscreen-shot-2016-09-13-at-11-07-51-am, the Finance Section featured several of the more prominent and innovative banking executives to discuss how they are blending technology and traditional banking services to offer their clients enhanced value. Featured in the article was Regents Bank President and CEO, Dan Yates.

One of the major initiatives for Regents in 2011 has been the development of a Social Media program. The goal of the program has been to introduce the bank to new clients, and more importantly to provide ideas and strategies to help their established business clients continue to grow their already established businesses. In 2012 Dan’s goal is to further develop Regents social media program into a repository of best practices from which any business owner or manager can go to for sound ideas which address some of the pressing issues business face today.

As Dan explains in the article, “For example, we recently launched several new social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, and a blog) and we are using these tools to better serve our clients by sharing innovative suggestions, strategies, tips, and ideas to help improve our clients’ bottom line results and solve various key business issues that they are dealing with. By sharing our business knowledge we strive to demonstrate that in these challenging economic times a bank can be more useful that just offering the same commoditized products and services that can be found at virtually every bank.”

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