Airlines Pile On Charges, Banks Next? Not Regents Bank.

Imagine a reputable, well known business banking customer walking into his bank, asking for the manager, and saying, “I’d like to make a very large deposit please John.” The bank manager smiles and says, “We’ll be very happy to accommodate you sir. Of course, our surcharge for large deposits will apply.” The customer looks incredulously at the bank officer and says, “Let me understand this. If I keep an average balance of $1,000 in my personal checking account  I incur no monthly charge. But if walk into your bank with this very large deposit you’re going to penalize me by tacking on a surcharge? After I’ve been a loyal customer for so many years?” Replies the banker, “I’m sorry sir. But you know with interest rates having been so low and our ability to lend money so limited, we must generate extra revenue. Please have a seat while I process your deposit.” Does the customer sit, or does he walk out the door? What would you do?

Regents Bank Business Banking Services

Regents Bank: No Penalty To You For Succeeding

If you’re a Regents Bank customer that’s a decision you’ll never have to make. As your partner that is committed to providing you with the best business banking services with unparalleled customer service, we’re not going to penalize you for sharing the fruits of your labor with us. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know that your blood, sweat and tears have gone into building your business, your legacy. In a very challenging economy, we’ve reported stellar financial results, Just like you, our success hasn’t come from nickel and diming our customers. Like you, we’ve built our business one customer at a time by providing sound financial advice, competitive business banking products and personalized service.

If you’re already a Regents Bank customer you’ve experienced our loyalty to our customers, and you’ve given yours in return. That’s what a partnership is all about. That’s why we’ve flourished while so many other financial institutions have struggled. If you’re not a customer yet we encourage you to pay us a visit. Get to know us, we’d like to get to know you and help you build your business. Visit our website at www. for an overview of our services and our philosophy. We offer so much more than financial transactions. We offer you our personal commitment to your success. Welcome to Regents.


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