The Regents Team

Regents Bank was founded in 2001 by a group of entrepreneurial minded bankers that wanted to provide banking services to small and medium sized companies that were growth minded. Each of these bankers had over 20 years of industry experience and all shared the same mission: to provide businesses with not only traditional banking services such as checking accounts, lines of credit etc, but to also be another “advisor” to the business owner and their management team. Regents Bank’s mission is to be a partner to our clients, not just a provider of services.

Our senior management team each possess the entrepreneurial spirit and the daily drive to help each of our clients make financially sound decisions and to provide them with the financial services necessary for their business to have a strong and solid financial foundation.

Our Senior Management team is comprised of:

  • Thomas Young, Chairman
  • Dan Yates, President/CEO
  • Randy Krenelka, Chief Financial Officer
  • Monte Schwartz, Chief Credit Officer
  • David Sherwood, Chief Operating Officer and Security Officer
  • Darla Clark, Executive Vice President and Manager of corporate banking and our downtown San Diego office
  • Tom Ivory, Senior Vice President and Manager of our east San Diego County regional office
  • Rick King,  Senior Vice President and Manager of our La Jolla headquarters office
  • Barbara Hunter, Senior Vice President and Manager of our north San Diego County regional office
  • Tami Nesburg, Senior Vice President and Manager of our southwest Washington state regional office

Each of these professionals is committed to helping our business clients reach their full potential. Find a branch location near you and call us to learn about “Entrepreneurial Banking” from Regents Bank. We believe you’ll find it to be a different approach from other banking relationships you’ve had in the past.

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