How Can A Specialty Banker Help Your Business?

Part one of our periodic ‘Meet Your Banker’ series of blog postings

When you think of a banker, do you think conservative suit? Good at numbers? Knows their way around a spreadsheet but maybe not around a construction site? You can be honest. You do, right?

Well, let us surprise you. Many of our bankers have unique training and backgrounds that just may match up with your specific industry. One used to hold a top position at a well-known food chain. Another earned an MBA degree in healthcare administration, and still another has financed dozens of hotel developments and acquisitions.

Our list goes on. From hospitality to healthcare, software, construction and so many more, you’ll find Regents bankers who have differentiated themselves as specialists in certain industries. They’ve done so through education and training, participating in industry associations, previous careers in those industries and, above all else, listening to our clients.

Our management and service philosophy supports and encourages our relationship managers going the extra mile to provide relevant and insightful counsel. We know that a banker who understands the unique dynamics, language and market forces of your industry will be much more valuable to you and your business.

Through our blog, we plan to introduce you to some of our specialists and tell you a little bit about how they came to focus on a certain industry and how their specialty background helps our clients. As always, we welcome your comments and questions.

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Regents Bank helps protect your information and your money

As part of the Grandpoint family of banks, we want to share this informative article that ran on Grandpoint Bank’s blog so that Regents Bank clients can learn about the systems we have in place to help protect you from cybercrime.

Our clients are our top-most priority. You entrust us with your personal information, your money and your confidence. We, in turn, have designed and implemented systems to make sure we help protect you and your business from cybercrime.

With new technologies come exciting new opportunities but also new risks and vulnerabilities. That’s why bank regulators require us to collect identifying information about you and your business. All that information helps our risk management team build a summary so that we understand your business and your projected account activity.

With the account summary, we can analyze the activity flowing through your account in order to red flag transactions or requests that seem out of the ordinary and bring these to your attention. Our objective is to prevent fraudulent activity, including people who illegally obtain your personal and financial information, through phishing, computer hacking or other illegal schemes, from using it to defraud your bank accounts.

We also continuously reinforce our protection systems. We regularly conduct audits on our firewalls and retain outside agencies to perform vulnerability penetration testing on our electronic and personal communications systems.

We appreciate the effort you make to assist us in building a summary for you and your business. This detailed information allows us to construct a system to keep your information safe and secure and reduce the threat of cyber and other crimes.

If you’d like to know more about how our risk management systems and strategies are helping to protect your accounts, please feel free to speak with your Grandpoint banker.



Susan Wahba joined Grandpoint Bank in 2012 as Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) Officer. She was named EVP & Chief Risk Officer in 2013. She has over 20 years of banking experience, including a regulatory background. She spent 13 years as a risk management examiner for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). She led examination teams on both safety and soundness and Trust Department examinations of numerous FDIC-insured financial institutions. During her time at the FDIC, Susan became a subject matter expert in BSA, fraud, and trust. She is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist and has been a member of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) since 2010. She currently sits on the Executive Board of the Southern California Chapter of ACAMS.

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Devon Richardson-r

Devon Richardson Joins Regents Bank as Vice President

Devon Richardson-rWe are pleased to announce that Devon Richardson, an accomplished San Diego commercial banker, recently joined Regents Bank, a division of Grandpoint Bank, as our newest Vice President.

Devon will build and expand client relationships and provide consultative banking services to business owners, commercial real estate investors and personal banking clients throughout San Diego County.

Devon will work out of our Vista office, located near the intersection of South Santa Fe Avenue and Civic Center Drive. She is a proud resident of Vista and enjoys staying active within the community. Devon is a member of the Vista Hi Noon Rotary Club and serves on the board as program chair.  She is also a member of Triple M, a women’s philanthropic group that provides youth scholarships and supports numerous charities in North San Diego County.

Devon is widely regarded throughout San Diego as a banker willing to go the extra distance for her clients, a trait very consistent with our business philosophy. We welcome her to Regents Bank and hope you will enjoy working with her as much as we do.

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Make Your Business Bankable: Regents Bank’s Sean Puckett on “It’s Your Money and Your Life”

Sean Puckett, Vice President

Sean Puckett, Vice President

As sponsors of the Family Office Guy↗ radio show, we enjoy the opportunity to share on air about our consultative banking approach and help listeners understand more about what they should expect from their business banking relationship. Recently, our Vice President, Sean Puckett, sat down with Richard Muscio and Joe Vecchio to help listeners understand how to make their businesses “bankable” on “It’s Your Money and Your Life.”

Today, it is estimated that less than 30 percent of businesses are bankable. In the broadcast, Sean mentions that the biggest challenge small businesses face when trying to obtain bank loans is proving consistent historical profitability. Tax strategies and growth strategies look different, so if your company mission includes growing enterprise value, engage your CPA and your banker for input.

Sean’s advice to small businesses looking to become bankable in the next year is as simple as an opening up a conversation with your banker. Approach your banker with the right questions to find out how they look at cash flow, collateral and your unique risk elements. Even if they can’t lend you money now, they can at least define specific credit guidelines, providing you the tools to make your business bankable sooner.

The best business banking partners can offer resources, experience and connections for your business that are often just as valuable as the money they lend.  Think outside the box, think long term and challenge the limits of your business banking relationship today.

To listen to the entire podcast, click here.


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